EB3A goes off and turns back on 100% charge

Hi all!

Got a problem with my EB3A, after a few month of usage (bad power, undervoltage etc) it started turning off after discharge, like completely turning off and not charging when connected to the socket. I figured out it can be brought back by giving it 12V, after that it accepts power from wall socket and starts charging, but it shows battery charge at 90% from start. It still takes correct time to fully charge, and it bears load correctly.

Any suggestions or do I need to search for repairs?

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Try completely draining to 0 percent followed immediately by charging to 100% via slow charge. Repeat this process twice and see if the situation is resolved.


@arcade And to add to what Scott mentioned above… when you’re charging it up to 100%… leave it plugged (also make sure nothing is plugged into the outputs and that they are all “off”) after the unit displays 100% until you see the input wattage drop to 0 watts coming in. Sometimes the BMS needs to be re-calibrated from time to time and by leaving it plugged into the charging source, it will eventually top-balance. But its important to let the unit keep charging until it doesnt allow any more incoming wattage to come in.

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Yeah, thought about that too and already attempted to calibrate 3 times:

  1. Connecting only one steady drain ~100W.
  2. Disconnecting everything (starting via 12V if needed) and charging to 100%.
  3. Repeating cycle.

Well, now it is able to start from AC power. On the other hand I now have a Voltage regulator. ALAS, place I’m working doesn’t smell like civilization - voltage jumps from 230 to 170 depending on load, blackouts are quite common. I actually used EcoFlow + voltage regulator last time to keep it charging steadily.

I’ll try draining it one more time after EcoFlow calibration would be complete.

@arcade If SOC calibration can’t solve the problem, the battery may have a problem. Looking forward to your update.

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Yay, got my EB240, can free up EB3A fully and go for one more cycle.

This also means I now have 200W brick to power EB3A and do a perfect charge regardless of my power outages.

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I also have this problem, if charging with solar, once the battery reaches 100% , it goes off and on, is there a fix for this? Tried above it didn’t work

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I have the same problem. When the charging station is constantly connected to power, it periodically begins to make noise/charge, but it is already 100% charged. At the same time, eb3a can stand idle for half a year with the power turned off and not discharge (after half a year it shows 100%).