EB3A and allpowers SPO35

I bought a 200W portable solar panel (allpowers SPO35) and a Bluetti EB3A w/o
paying enough attention to specs. They don’t get along, as in, plug it in and
nothing happens. All the other bells and whistles work and the multimeter
shows the panels alive and well. This being my first foray into solar I’m on
a steep learning curve, but from my coursings I gather the incompatibility
lies in the amperage, i.e., the panels 11.9A output exceeds the Bluetti 8.5A
input and the builtin MPPT controller ignores it. Yes?

solar panel output: OCV 23.5V Isc 11.9A
Bluetti solar input: 12-28V 8.5A max

Is there a way to get this to work or do I have to downgrade to a lower
wattage panel to get an Isc amperage the Bluetti will accept (<=8.5A)?

Looking for direction.

Hi @ludgate

The current that a Panel provide isnt that important, voltage is.

Current get pulled from the Powerstation, as much it needs and voltage get “forced”. So VoC of the Panel is really important to pay attention to.

For what i can see, the mentioned panel should work just fine. Do you use the MC4 Charging cable that comes with the EB3A? Check if this cable also deliever the same voltage you measured on the panel.


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As Erik mentioned, it should work. I googled it to confirm the specs, and even found a review on amazon of someone using it with a EB3A and getting about 164 watts. If you have a volt meter, you can check it’s output voltage. Should be 20v or higher, depending on the sun. I’d also double check all connections.

Thank you for that information. With the Bluetti solar charging cable attached the panel feed registers 47v?? No shortage of volts, but a little over the line, and why. I’ve ordered a car charger to test the input port, but at the moment nothing is making sence. Nice to know it’s 'supposed ’ to work, now if I can just get it to.

You measured 47V on the end of the Bluetti Adapter? Or How to understand “Bluetti solar charging cable attached the panel feed registers 47v?”

Correct. At the end of the Bluetti Adapter. 47V. Measured it three time over three days when ever I came across something else to try. The Bluetti MC4 charging adapter. Get the same value at the MC4 plugs.

Thats impossible. Thats double of the 23,5VoC, which is the highest value a panel can reach.

If it really deliever 47V somehow and you connect your EB3A to the panel, the MPPT is now dead…

I’d be relieved to discover I’m overlooking something (senior moments are too common), and considering the value I’m inclined to think so, but multimeters are not that difficult to use and athough this is my first exposure to solar, I piddle w/ electronics, etc. That would also save the MPPT. That’s why I came to the forum, to find folks that know more than I do. Appreciate the help.

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Did you by chance have 2 of the SP035’s wired in series?
Or are you sure it’s an SP035 and not one of their other models that puts out 40+ VOC?
It looks like the SP037 and SP039 both have higher VOC.
Are you measuring the cable only connected to the SP035 or only connected to the EB3A?

I’m going with the “there are probably two panels connected together theory” which fits the scenario of over voltage. If that is the case, using only a single panel should solve that issue or connect two in parallel configuration.

Thanks for your response. That scenario I could understand, unfortunately it’s just a single panel. That the voltage is neatly twice the expected value is curious don’t you think. Strikes me as a clue, though it doesn’t get me closer to an answer. I’m still on the low end of the learning curve. That I may have fried the Bluetti FMMT port is a worry. At this point it looks like the panels are going back.

Only one panel. Docs say SPO35. 47V at the MC4s and the Bluetti solar cable.

UPDATE: Your mention of the SPO37 and SPO39 sent me to look at the panels themselves, and on the pocket I find:
VOC 50.6V
IOC 5.9A
Vmp 40V
imp 5A
Paid for a SPO35 and got this, complete w/ SPO35 lit. The only disappointment is I can’t use it w/o upgrading the power pack ($$$). I appreciate the forum’s comments but I seem to have exercised you needlessly. My apologies.

P.S. AllPowers only offers two 200W panels and these specs don’t fit either of them, or any of their other folding panels. More confusion :-(,

Hi @ludgate

Thanks for the update. If you got SP037, it make a lot of more sense with around 45V you measured. Its a 400W Panel and not 200W.

Even when you not reach the VoC of the Panel, the Vmp is also above what the mppt can handle, so dont connect it again, but it might b already to late when you plug it in while sunshine.


It is a SPO35, but not the one I ordered off the webpage. I didn’t find any panels on their webpage that fit these stats. Thanks for the input and timely response.

And thanks to all who helped resolve this issue. The forum is a valuable source.


Glad you found what was going on. I’m betting in the future you grab that meter for any new panels you buy :)

Yep. Steep learning curve. Buyer beware. Lost confidence in allpowers, and it’s not been bolstered dealing w/ returns, a 3rd party in Plano, TX. Think I’ll go w/ a Bluetti 200W once I get that settled. The car charger is due today and I’ll find out if I still have something to solar charge.

PV200 is a great choice btw. Have three of them myself^^

Looks like the FMMT input is a gonner :-(. Gives an error code of ‘6-08’. Manual makes no mention of error codes, don’t find them on the Bluetti page nor w/ a search. This is repairable I suppose?

Hi @ludgate

The error code means “low PV voltage is low”. The possible reason is that the voltage of the solar panel is low or there is no enough sunlight.