EB3A no longer charging from mppt port.

After almost daily use on a month long camping trip the mppt stopped working and input just flashes.

100 watt harbor freight solar panel. Confirmed still working and charging a Flooded Lead Acid Deep Cycle 100ah just fine with a range of 3-5 amps.

Unable to charge using car charger verified 14.4 volts.

Do not have access to charge via AC and do not have access to a pure sine wave inverter only a modified sine wave.

Day before the battery percentage was stuck at 72% then popped right to 100%. The mppt was charging and doing the minimum input that it normally did when the unit was at 100%. Next morning the unit was at 28% after running a small fridge all night. When I plugged in the panel that is when I got the input flashing and low voltage alert.

Unit is now completely discharged for a bit before it was complete depleted I was able to get a code 6-08 when I pushed the light and AC buttons at the same time. It did flash a hyphen “-” in the middle of the screen after being fully depleted and plugged into the car port. That no longer happens, there is also no amp draw from the barrel port when plugged in to both the car and solar panel.

Any suggestions or do I need to find a way to charge via AC to see if it will recalibrate?

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Hum interesting. It has been 4 days since a sent a email to customer support and over 24 hours since this post went live.

Seems BLUETTI support is as bad as I have I read on other forums and social media.

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@bluetti_marvinbeslergmailcom The error code means “low PV voltage is low”. The possible reason is that the voltage of the solar panel is low or there is no enough sunlight. BTW, could you please message me in private with your email or order number, then I can check who charge your case.

The voltage and amperage from the panel is more than enough to fully charge a deep cycle flooded lead acid 114ah 29DC in about 8 hours while still providing enough amps to power a fridge through out the day.

Actual voltage varies but is above 15 volts.

@bluetti_marvinbeslergmailcom Please provide me with the SN and the firmware version. Also, please try to adjust the frequency.

Just a thought, do you disconnect the lead acid battery charger from the solar panel, and then directly connect the solar panel to the Bluetti cable?

They are two different systems, the EB3A has its own panel as does does the lead acid system. I have swapped panels and confirmed both are working on the lead acid with a Renogy MPPT controller. Have confirmed a minimum of 15 volts from both panels.

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@bluetti_marvinbeslergmailcom May I know the SN and the firmware version of EB3A? Have you tried adjusting the frequency?