D050 dc charging enhancer w/solar panels

yes they are connected in series, so i should connect them by parallel ?
but the d050 also has a 10 amp max so parallel wont work either with 3 panels.
not sure what to look at on the solar panels label as what Amp or volts reading to calculate?.

The Voc number is the one you use not the Vmp number

thanks which one do i use for amp


Isc number
But you would only use that for parallel connections because amps are added for parallel and volts are added for serial
Sometimes a combination can be used as long as you keep the 145 volts and 15 amps in mind
There are advantages with serial:
High voltage has less amps and is more efficient and could use thinner gage wiring and longer cables
Parallel works better in partial shading.
Another rule is to always use similar voltage panels. If you mix them, the system will use the lower voltage

IMP should be the correct figure

I always use the higher Isc number
It’s confusing
I have watched numerous utube videos and they all say it’s the Isc reading…… but the Voc is more important when using serial connections
Now I will have to do more research

I found this one of the best sources to explain the setting up of solar panels:

If anyone else is using the D050 DC charging Enhancer to add more solar panels, Please let me know what panels they using, to get near the 500 watts without going over either the the DC input of 12-60VDC.or 10 amps max. thanks

I think it is just really hard to get near the manufacturer stated Watts rating for any solar-panel. I don’t know why this is the case, but it always seems when people test panels they get at best around 80% of the sticker rating.

You also need perfect conditions for that 80%. So for those 240W panels you mentioned in your first post i would expect each one to give more like 190W per panel under best conditions, so two in series could hit 360W perhaps.

Now i don’t know the brand of panel you used, but i do know that 80% rate is for the best solar panels, so less is also common, so keep that in mind.

I would have a look around the youtube review channels that regularly do tests on these things to see what brands are best perhaps? Just in case you can improve your power generation?

thanks for your input, I do understand only getting around 80% of watts. I am more concern about getting the most watts possible without going over the D050 DC input of 12-60VDC.or 10 amps max. That’s the hard part I can’t use 3 100 watt panels they go over I may have to use a single larger panel. Not sure thanks

You can go over the amps without issue, just stay in the correct voltage range.

so then i should be able to connect these panels in Parallel without going over?
(see pic’s)
2 ea of rich solar panel
1 ea of renogy 100watt

I wouldn’t because even though you can go over amps the D050S will only use 10 off them.

What are the best solar panels to meet the spec’s of the D050 DC charging enhancer without going over the input of 12-60VDC.or 10 amps . and how close your getting to the 500w .Please anyone one that has one and using with solar panels, please post what brand, size panels you are using. thanks in advance

Use that guide i posted above to help you work out the best system you can build with the panels you have.

Now i am not experienced with this stuff (yet, waiting on my Bluetti and panels etc) but you sent back those two 240W panels and now have three panels, 2xrichsolar and 1xRenogy.

The VOC on the richsolar says 22.6V
The VOC on the renogy says 21.2V

So in series those three panels give a total VOC of 22.6x2+21.2v = 66.4 Volts which is over the 60V input limit of the D050S unit. It will not work. The 60V limit on the input is the big limiter and you might have to work out a good 4 panel system (2S2P) to try to push as close to the 500W input limit as possible.

Shame you sent those 240W panels back as you could have used those to get around the 300W you were seeing plus whatever you could get from the 2xrichsolar 100W panels (i guess around 150W from those max) when added in parallel, so maybe around 450W when in a 2S2P combination, for example and you won’t go over the 60V (VOC) input limit.

Since its hard to fine a right mix of panels to meet the needs (spec’s) of the D050 enhancer is they any other brand or type of device i can use instead of the D050 dc enhancer.?

I have similar issue trying to get max watts of 500 out of my enhancer
I have googled every combination of solar panels to try to get the 60 volt 10 amp requirement
I’m wondering if Bluetti’s 200 watt x 3 meet those requirements?
Too bad they are 2 times the price!!

I’m hearing from utube posts that when you mix different voltage and amperage panels you get strange results
An example would be 1 panel at 20 Voc connected in series with a 24 volt will not yield 44 volts, but more like 40 volts( adds the smaller voltage times 2)
I have 7 different mfg panels and the only good results I get are from my 4 rich solar 100 watts in series
I just bought 2 more
Struggling to get the 900 watt PV input and the 500 watt dc enhancer input
Maybe it’s just the summer sun isn’t here in so cal yet!!

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Yes I was wondering the same thing if I can hook up 24v panels instead of 12v ones if they might be lower volts.But I don’t know much about 24v if you can put them on a bluetti ac200p

Hi Scott
Can you recommend a solar panel combination that meets the 15-60 volts and 10 amps for the DC enhancer so we can get 600 watts?
The Bluetti 200 watt is 24 Voc so you can only use 2!