D050 dc charging enhancer w/solar panels

I have 2 Newpowa solar panels model NPA240s-15 connected to my Dc enhancer connected to my AC200p but am only getting 300 watts max is the enhancer holding back the rest of the watts
panels 240Watts ea

panels connected in series

onnected in series

You might want to connect the panels to the AC200P PV input to see how the watts compare.

I was thinking of that will try tomorrow when the sun is at high point. Thanks

Around 360 watts is what I would expect to see from your panels through the PV input. If you are getting 300 through the D050S then it burns around 15% which isn’t terrible.

We are still in the cloudy/rainy season here in the NW so haven’t had a chance to do any comparisons with my D050S yet.

Well i am in sunny so. calif so got plenty of sunshine,will post tomorrow what i get.
Do you think it would be any better if i put them in parallel instead of series/

Stick with series, they won’t work in parallel through the PV input since the voltage wouldn’t be high enough.

so far only getting 311 watts via pv input but my mc4 are connected via Solar Weatherproof Entry Gland Entry Housing. waiting on straight mc4 extension cable, maybe the box is taking away as well.

Not sure why you want to use the DO50S enhancer since you say you are connected in series in which case you can connect directly to the PV input port.

I have 790 watts of solar on the pv this 440 is on the Do50s enhancer i am running a small window A/C.
I am trying to see if these panels 2 ea. Newpowa solar panels 240w ea how much output i am getting if it was worth getting this new item or if the enhancer takes away any of the watts. . i have 8 200w rich solar which are were good, but i wanted less panels for the use of the enhancer.

Update 5/18/22
connected straight into bluetti ac200p pv input the 2 (240w panels) but only got 311watts tops out of (480) guess these panels are not that great.

In my opinion, Bluetti does a very poor job of precisely explaining what’s inside the D050 and precisely explaining the situations when it is appropriate. The manual for the D050 is a joke.

The D050 simply raises the input voltage to an output voltage of 58 volts. It does not increase the amperage (amout of input electricity). The unit exists so that a single solar panel can be used to charge the AC200 series (instead of the usual 2 minimum) or allow you to have solar panels attached to the AC200 series and then connect another set(s) of panels connected to the D050S and then connected to the AC charging brick input. Simply allows you to have two charging input sources to increase the charging wattage.

That was the case for me too, that is, you understand after buying it what it is able to do, I understood before buying it, that it was used to increase any charging source by 500 watts

I ended up returning the 2 Newpowa solar panels 240w ea since i only got 300 watts out of (480)
i am now using 3 1oo watt panels and am getting up to 300 watts from them.

Increasing the amount of input electricity would be physically impossibly. That is like taking a gallon of water and making it be 5 gallons by running it through a funnel. It is impossibly. If it were possible, we would have unlimited free energy.

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I just got a fault 005. Adapter over voltage, is that on the Do50?
Only running 3 100 watt panels tru the D050 all in series
1 Renogy Solar Panel 100 Watt 12 Volt Eclipse
2 RICH SOLAR 100 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline

pv input i have 790 watts

its all working again maybe it got too much sun
i think i might have too many volts going in

What is the input voltage limit of the DO50 and what voltage were you feeding it with your solar panels? If the panels output exceeded the input limit of the DO50 then yes you had too many volts going in.

sorry did not know what volt to use so i posted pic.
input voltage limit of the DO50- 12-60vdc 10a max
2 ea of rich solar panel
1 ea of renogy 100watt

so what solar panel can i use to get 500 watts without going over volt? thanks

I had all 3 in series till i got fault code then only hook up 2 of them for now till i can find a larger panel.

The DC enhancer is rated for 60 volts and 10 amps
2 of your panels in parallel would get over 20 amps
I’m having similar issues trying to get max watts out of my enhancer!
Hard to match the 60 volt 10 amp requirement

I think maybe getting a larger panel might get close ,let me know what you find out. Thanks

Assuming you are connecting them in series, you are exceeding the maximum voltage input of the DO50S which is 60volts.