Customer service from Bluetti - delivery issues

Hello community, @BLUETTI ,
I have some concerns with delivery to Italy. I did my order (SPF-IT2793) 20/11, they contacted me to get some details, and after I provided it, only silence from Bluetti. I wrote email to, no reply. Is it common practice? Order status is Unfulfilled. Any tips?

Hi @Vlodko , Based on your order we consulted the order support department for you and they replied that the EB70 is currently out of stock and will need to be shipped by early December. The tracking number will be emailed to you when it is shipped, please don’t worry.

Hello Vlodko,
I too have some concerns with delivery. I placed my order on 11/15/22 for an AC200Max. On 11/24/22, I received an email that a shipping label was created and a tracking number assigned but the package has not been received by the carrier yet. It’s been 12 days since I placed the order and my AC200Max still has not shipped. I am thinking it may be on backorder, but that’s just a guess. I have not heard anything from Bluetti as to why it has not been shipped yet. My order status says fulfilled but the AC200Max hasn’t even made it to the carrier yet. I would think the status would stay unfulfilled until it is in the hands of the carrier. I have not had luck with contacting customer service. I too am open to any tips. thanks

Hi @BLUETTI, four days ago your customer service replied to me that my order SPF-IT2793 was sent with tracking number 01595179720090. But I contacted carrier DPD, and they said that they didn’t receive the package. See the information from the carrier below. Please, give me an update on my order. Was it sent to be delivered? If not, why did you provide such information, and when my EB70 would be shipped?

DPD has not yet received this package from the sender.
This means that we do not have possession of the package, and therefore cannot deliver it to you.

The only thing you could do is contact the sender to ask if the package has been shipped yet.

Sorry Mr @Vlodko for getting into your conversation.

We have also been trying to contact Bluetti but no responce at all.

@BLUETTI could you pls check the order SPF-EU-25408.
Ordered and paid on 30.11.22 and since that time noone is responding our emails. What is the status of our order? Was it shipped? When it will be shipped, if it wasnt, may i ask?

Regarding the delivery of orders during Black Friday, please visit the following notice, thank you.