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:camping: Calling all those who love travel and the outdoors!

BLUETTI is launching a unique “Collect the World Puzzles” campaign. :blue_heart:We want you to explore the world together with BLUETTI, share your travel experiences, and discover more wonderful travel destinations :hiking_boot:.

:world_map: :world_map: It’s like adding a new piece to the world puzzle every time you travel somewhere new. By putting these puzzles together, a stunning and vibrant world trip map emerges.

:sailboat: :sailboat: Share camping or travel photos/videos with BLUETTI, and recommend locations you’ve discovered with hashtag #BLUETTIWorldPuzzles. Posting a new topic or replying below are both valid entries.

:trophy: The top three most-liked post/topic gets a :sun_with_face: PV200 Solar Panel :sun_with_face:
:timer_clock: Campaign ends on Sept 1st.

Now, share with us your long-held or recently discovered tourist destinations/campsites. Have fun in this new section! :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella:


Now im curious what posts we see the comming weeks!


It is not easy to take an EP 500 Pro (83 KG) with you on a trip. We were able to lift the unit with 3 people onto the terrace in front of our mobile home and roll it inside from there on the wheels.
We are using the unit at a beautiful campsite near Saint Tropez and are ready for the intended Eco target of max. 6 Amps (1380 Watts). We can still use some extra power (3000 Watt) now and then and don’t have to throw away all our existing appliances.

The Côte d’Azur has many beautiful authentic Provencal places to visit. Since almost the entire coastline is formed by Alpine foothills, there are stunning views everywhere.



Il n’y a pas mieux qu’un couché de soleil aux pays des châteaux de la Loire :blue_heart:
Partir quelques jours a la découverte de la vallée de la Loire et ses châteaux.
Moi même habitant à côté je ne me lasserais jamais de re découvrir ses lieux :blue_heart:
Tellement magnifique :blush: parfois il suffit juste de prendre le temps, de regarder ce qui nous entoure :heart: et de profiter de la vie.
Il y a tellement de beau paysage en France.

Surtout que maintenant nous sommes super bien équipé en batterie nomade :blue_heart: EB70, EB55 pour les téléphones, tablettes, les lumières, les batteries appareils photos et pour le son :heart_eyes: sans oublier l’AC200p (idéal pour mon latté :heart_eyes:) et la glacière :heart_eyes:

Merci @bluetti

La liberté est ici :blue_heart:


Like this one


Living here in Michigan, If you’re not out experiencing the great outdoors, then you are totally missing out! Bluetti powered our trip up to the UP.

Pictured Rocks, Sleeping Bear Dunes, The Mighty Mackinaw Bridge, the world is your playground and who says we cant treat ourselves to the creature comforts of home, while being out in the great outdoors?!?
Thank you @BLUETTI for pampering us while we build memories. :heart_eyes:

Nothing better than a ice cold drink. Right?


@Selfmadestrom You are also welcome to bring travel/camping photos to the #BLUETTIWorldPuzzles campaign :metal: :metal:


I would really love to @BLUETTI !

Sadly i dindt take any pictures of my setup in denmark, while i was on vacation. Power from the Grid is really expensive there, sometimes you pay around 0,80€ per KwH. Thats more than double we pay currently here in germany (around 0,40€). I packed my MS320, EB55 and two EB240 together and power everything that have a visible plug and dont exceed the inverter Limit of the big EB´s.

We saved a good amount of energy this trip and it feels even more greater to know i produced it myself ;)


@Selfmadestrom Doesnt necessarily HAVE to include photos of your bluetti units in your setup while on the vacation Erik! Of course thats a bonus if they do, haha but if you happen to have taken any other pics while on your trip, that should suffice! :) We know you’re a great bluetti enthusiast and would just love to see where in the world Bluetti has ventured with its product users! Denmark and Germany are both on my bucket lists btw!! haha Someday I will make it overseas and experience the beauty!! :metal:


Well then, i give it a shot^^

The funny thing is, i can say the same for me. Never been overseas. Dearborn, Michigan would be a great city to visit.

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@Selfmadestrom Ahh Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum are fun places to visit for sure!! Its been years since i’ve made it over there but definitely a fun experience. If/WHEN you do make it out this way, I strongly recommend hitting up some of the SouthWest corner of the states’ beaches, (I was born & raised in St. Joseph) and Lake Michigan is a blast in the summertime here. But also, when ya do come out, you’ve absolutely got to experience Northern Michigan and the UP. No matter the time of year… theres always something fun to do. Thats what makes Michigan soo awesome, is the diverse changes in weather with the seasons!



Im gonna take you to a trip to Skagen in Denmark!

On my way from Hamburg in Germany to Skagen, my first stop real stop on the route was in a little town called “Randers” which is on half the way. Its not a really big city but they have a really nice Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash museum

One and a half hour later, i arrive at my destination house. Its a tipical denmark house build for short time stays during the summer. You can find thoose all around denmark and they look pretty much the same.

Thats where i stayed in:

Some of you may spotted already why this is a really nice house for Solar Freaks like us. The terrace is really big! You can perfect setup some Solarpanels directly into the sun and thats what i did the whole time we stay there.

What i packed in?

2x EB240 and the 1x MS320. To use the Powerstation during charging, i also bring my own MC4 cable with me. It was such a pleasure! 1 Minute and everything was ready. I powered every device in this house that has a visible Plug and use it with my Solar Charged EB´s. Since energy cost are quiet high for tourists in theese houses (Think its comparable to energy that you need for your camper), i saved most as possible on energy cost. The only things that the EB cant really handle where things like Coffee Machine.

To everyone that interested in “How does it look there?” Here are some pictures taken by me:

One day there was even a US Car Meet Up!

Hope you enjoy this post as much i liked to share it with you!




Thank you for guiding us through the beautiful views of Denmark! :denmark:


Hi @Ktt!
In addition to posting pictures taken by yourself, you need to add the hashtag #BLUETTIWorldPuzzles and briefly describe your trip/camping destination to us to be considered a valid entry :smile: :smile:

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@Selfmadestrom thats perfect man! And I totally believe I see a 13’ scamp camper like the one I have, in the distance in that last pic of the sexy corvette! I didnt know they had those fiberglass campers over there too! Thanks for sharing bud!


@m.briney Trust me, there was nothing what they didnt have xD

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I will make you discover my village (Saint Malo de Phily) in Brittany… I love living there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: close to nature. and soon free of electricity thanks to BLUETTI :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: