Charging my 200p

When I charge my 200p (using the standard brick) using a typical power outlet I have noticed that many times it trips the breakers and causes my power to go out. It’s an easy fix though. I just reset the breakers. And, this happens a lot, only when I use the bluetti power brick. So, I was wondering, has anyone else encounter this problem? I thought, is there a smaller power supply (less wattage) I can use. Speedy charging isn’t important to me. Just successful charging without tripping the breakers. That’s just another pain. Would it hurt my 200p, to use a smaller power supply?

Try unplugging all the loads of the AC200 and then hook up the brick unit. My problem was one of the loads had the ground and neutral tied together and that line tripped the breaker on the wall.

Thanks for the reply. The 200p isn’t under any load when it trips the breakers. I was just very curious as to using a smaller wattage power supply. I have a Jackery 500 power supply which has the same exact connector plug. It’s less power and it doesn’t trip the breakers when I charge my Jackery. I thought it would be like a trickle charge for the 200p. and, that way wouldn’t trip the breakers. I just don’t want to do anything to damage my 200p, it’s brand new (30 days).

The plug is a GFI receptacle plug?

I sounds like you have too much load(s) on the circuit you are plugging your charger into. You either need to find a better circuit or get rid of some of the load on your existing circuit. You can charge with a lower wattage charger or use an adjustable DC power supply and charge via the PC / Aviation input port simulating solar power.

don’t know what a GFI receptacle plug is.

That power brick shouldn’t be drawing more than maybe 5 amps at 120 volts, maybe closer to 4.5 amps. I think the brick is about 470 watts — I want to say 8 amps at 58.8 volts — so it should be pulling 5A or less from the wall. Either their is something wrong in that circuit or you have other significant power draws on that same circuit.

nope. that’s too technical for my question. I simply wanted to know if I could use a smaller charger. Like my charger for my Jackery 500 without hurting or damaging my 200p. That’s the question.

That is a socket/plug that trips when it gets a ground fault on the circuit. It is used in bathrooms and sometimes outdoors.

If trying a smaller charger it’s output would have to be 58.8v to work through the AC adapter port.

Another option would be going through the AC200P’s PV input port which would require a charger with an output of 35v-68v when set to PV or 12v-24v when set to car.

Most power bricks will have the output voltage or amps printed on them.

No it would not hurt your 200P.

thanks for you response. it may not hurt but it does not charge using smaller brick. my guess it needs more power to charge my 200p. i thought it would charge by taking longer but no lights on screen even for over an hour of charging with smaller brick.

You need to use a brick that outputs 58.5 volts DC power. Most likely, the brick you are using is not outputting 58.5 volts. You can use a “smaller” charger with regards to output power watts but you still need the volts to be the same 58.5 or it will not charge.

yeah. I think I’m going to keep blowing my breakers too. I have tried turning everything in my house off, and within 5 minutes it trips. Something I’m gonna have to figure out or sell the 200p. This is so weird. I’ll post my findings so everyone can learn if they experience the same. I just tried plugging the 200p into my Predator 3500 gen and it charged fine.

Not to alarm you, but how good is the general state of your home electrical wiring? Is it an old property, was it wired by a professional etc?

It sounds to me like you might need an electrician to check it all over, and that should also solve your tripping issue.

It’s not the wiring in my 14,000 square foot house. We found the problem. It was the Bluetti’s that we were charging. I guess you can’t charge them in the United States. China uses different wiring (negative is positive over there and a good way to toast your unit and house) and cheaper electrical wires. I’m selling these things and sticking with solars made in the USA. You pay a dear price when you buy from China.

Your choice obviously, but the specs for any Bluetti are (they have to be legally) correct for the geographic zone they were made to be sold in, so for example if i buy one from the UK website it will have UK plugs but still be ok to use in the EU with the correct adapter. Are you saying you have Chinese versions somehow? Where did you get those?

Anyway you have made up your mind, but i would recommend a check of your house electricity, as you should not see tripping from such a small load imho, it could indicate some other kind of problem (poor grounding, incorrectly connected circuit etc). Good luck.

Not possible. The circuit that the incoming charge comes through is a DC circuit and completely separated from the AC circuit inside the AC200P. It is remotely possible that your charging brick has some type of short in it causing the issue. This could be determined simply by plugging the charging brick into your household outlet without the brick connected to anything. If there is a short, it would trip the breaker immediately. You state in your first post that “many times” the breaker trips. If there is a direct short, the breaker would trip each time. Is it possible the brick has been dropped at some point causing a potential issue.

In any case , replacing the brick if it has an issue is a simple thing to do and then you would be able to use your AC200P in your 14,000 sq ft home.

thanks for the food for thought guys. my home isn’t where the issue is, because in the 27 years of living here I have never had the experience of the breakers tripping. the house doesn’t have one central box it has a 6. i change locations where we plug the units in and those units which are plugged in trip that group of breakers. I know it is hard to comprehend and you would like to believe it’s something else other than the Bluetti’s but you need to keep an open mind if you are a wise man. and not be blinded by your faith in this product. Bluetti has made an very quick rise in the field and I don’t believe they have their sights set on product quality because I have heard many people complaining about their line of solar generators. One issue or the other. Truthfully, and sad to say it’s very typical in that country. It’s a fact, China is synonymous with making cheap things and not paying attention to quality production. In that light problems will arise and just a matter of time before people start having problems of all sorts. At this point in time I’m happy my house has not caught fire. Because do you know how difficult it would be to bring a law suit against a foreign company? Open your eyes to the real world way of thinking. You are favoring Bluetti, this is clear. But, they are not a proven company in reality.

They are not, let’s say, like Ford or IBM. Which stand up behind their products and builds quality. They will answer you. Bluetti doesn’t even answer the telephone or emails. I know this for a fact, I have tried to speak to them about this. Come on. It’s not the brick or the wiring in my home or act of God. The problem is Bluetti, and they don’t want to spare a minute of time to address this issue. So, does anyone want to buy my 4-200p’s? I’m not saying I’m anti-Bluetti, I’m just in shock but a realist at their method of operations.

Thanks and be well.

Strange that the Bluetti charges fine with the generator but trips the house breakers. Almost sounds like a grounding issue since generators typically aren’t but I’m no electrician.