Charging my 200p

Interestingly now the story changes to (4) AC200Ps. Are you charging all four at the same time connected to a single circuit? Just asking since you didn’t provide any detail regarding how your charging setup is or who you are doing it. This is also not a common problem that I have seen since the product was introduced. I did suggest that you plug the charging brick in to your AC but not connected to the AC200P in an attempt to troubleshoot. You could have done that in the time it took you to inform us how long you lived in the house and bad mouth a product without any substantive evidence.

@ Bluemanman,

I am sorry you are having these issues, it always sucks when something does not work as expected, and i am also 100% aware of the customer services issue that Bluetti have, and how it is often very hard to get in touch with them (but at least we have this forum right).

I don’t own a Bluetti solar charger yet, but i do have an EB240 on order currently and hope that all works out fine. Now the reason i picked Bluetti is simply because the reviews from people that have them or test them are mostly very good.

I use these guys on youtube to get a general idea on what products are good in the solar generator sector, as they are pretty indepth in the testing they do and know the subject matter well:

And simply after doing a bunch of research on channels like those i decided Bluetti offer the best solar-generators in terms of performance and price.

Ecoflow are also very decent, but the majority of their smaller home units are NCM based and have much reduced DOD lifespans (hundreds of cycles instead of thousands). Jackery are also decent, but like Ecoflow have lower DOD cycles. And here is the thing, ALL these are also made in China, just like Bluetti. In fact find me anything not made in China or reliant on parts from China these days and i’ll be surprised, as that is just how American (and western) companies have decided to invest. Profit being the prime directive of the worlds capitalist systems.

So it is what it is, and while i think it creates certain problems (pollution and poor working conditions in China, increasing the speed of rise of CO2 output from the global economy etc), i can understand why most things are ‘made in China’.

If you have any suggestions of good solar-generator brands that are made more locally (i like reducing my CO2 impact as much as possible (i drive an EV etc)) i’d be happy to look into them.

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