Charging AC200P from Starter Battery

My overland setup I am putting together WILL include 300 watts of solar via CIGS panels on a roof top tent, I am trying to figure out the best way to get an additional 400 to 500w of charge while driving to the battery. One thought, an inverter off of the car battery and then the included AC charger to the unit. My second thought, and one Im very unclear on a setup of, is somehow utilizing the dc charging enhancer (d050s) for its full 500w capability directly off the starter battery and run it to the back of my 4Runner. Is this possible and what would the setup look like?

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Thank you for the excellent information. Not being an electrical expert, I don’t understand everything but I get the general idea.
Can I ask whether it would be possible to use a pair of 12v batteries connected to the PV port to extend the battery running duration?

Yes you can connect to a pair of car batteries, I would connect them in series to double the voltage to 24 volts and you will see around a 200 watt transfer rate

I have done the same with my van. 640 w solar on roof going to the PV port on the AC200M. A DC-DC charger off the van battery to a Bluetti DC charge enhancer to the AC port of the AC200M. I get about 450-500w of additional charge while driving. Here is a link to the DC-DC charger I used.

Just don’t try charging from the car battery with the engine off. Technically, the vehicle’s alternator is providing the charge, so if you turn off the motor you’ll be draining the vehicle battery which it is NOT designed for, and shorten it’s life.

Starter batteries are made with THIN lead plates to provide a huge amount of current but only for a short burst. Draining them with a continuous current draw shortens their life.

Storage lead acid batteries are made with THICK lead plates to provide continuous current draw. NEVER use these to start a vehicle or you’ll likely damage them.