Cannot turn on AC and DC on Display

Dear Bluetti team,

Unfortunately, the display didn’t turn off on my AC200MAX today. So I turned off and on the machine.

Now after restart, I can only change the on/off setting for AC and DC via the app, not on the display itself.

My S/N is 2219000572517
DSP 4005.07
ARM 4008.03
BMS 1017.02
HMI 6037.03

Could you please let me know how to further proceed or push an update to the machine?

Thanks a lot for your support
Best regards

I just noticed that on my AC500 too, for DC on/off. You can only do it through the app, which I only use anyway because I’d have to sit/kneel on the floor to read the display.

I had to turn on DC to charge up a car battery booster through the USB-C port as the car battery was dead (it’s always something.) Btw, those Lipo Boosters really do work. The car battery was reading 3v but the booster started the car like it had a new battery. (NOCO Boost X, 1250 amps)

@ChrisKu We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Based on product failure-related issues, our care team @BLUETTI_CARE will assist you in resolving them.

@ChrisKu @St8kout The screen is defective. You can contact the after-sale support for a warranty.

I have got the same problem on my AC200Max. Only Solution via sending in the device?! Seems like a Software Problem to me, doesn,t it?

For me, it doesn’t require an immediate repair, but I do have it on record for now. The app is easier to use than stooping down to read the display, so I’m content to wait and see if anything else comes up within the warranty period.

They might eventually do like other companies and have someone come out and replace the touchscreen. There’s a youtube teardown of the AC500, and the screen is mounted on the front panel with 4 screws. It’s almost a DIY but companies don’t like customers digging into their products.:astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:

@bluetti_michaelhebenstreit1gmailcom Please let me know the SN and the firmware version and we can check if it works. And is your device 230V?