Bought a broken Bluetti AC200P

Hey guys, I purchased a broken Bluetti AC200P. I was wondering if there is a source for parts? I’m guessing i may be one of the first to go down this path?

I am unable to charge it, the device goes straight into a BMS voltage too low fault. Also unable to charge via 12V. (err. code 43)

Any thoughts or insight? I’m guessing warranty will not help as the device wasn’t originally purchased by myself.

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The AC200p are so new that most should still be in warranty. Can you try to ask the original owner on the purchase details so you can see if warranty applies?

If you can get the screen that shows the cell voltages, you can see if there are any cell that has abnormally low voltage. If so then there can be an over discharged cell or a bad cell.

I don’t really recommend that, but if you do see a bad cell and there is no other way, you can try to take that cell out, and manually force charge it to some voltage and put it back in to see if it works. You can also try replacing that single cell. Only so this if you really know what you are doing though.

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Thanks for the input. Unfortunately I think its the newer firmware and the Individual cells aren’t showing up anywhere (unless there is a systems menu that is hidden somewhere?)

i tried to search the forums and very little comes up on that error code. My thought was along yours as well to bring all the cells up to nominal charge to start.

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Hi bigbluefan,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
If the error code is 43, please contact our customers service for the replacement. Please remember to provide your order number and the picture showing the error code.

@bigbluefan welcome to the forum! Hey the newer AC200P units won’t show the individual cell voltages. They did away with that when then the units got the new firmware. I believe only the OG crowdfunded AC200 units show that info.

But as @BLUETTI said… contact them for more information if you’re getting that error code 43… here’s the info…



I bought it used on Craigslist. I think i may be one of the first ones to buy a second hand unit? I’m quite capable of replacing electronic components. is it possible to do any remote diagnostics and buy replacement parts from you?

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Also the reason I’m using the forum right now instead of direct email is to help the community. I always google search and search forums for answers to questions rather than bothering support people.

Also It looks like the first units will be out of warranty starting June 2022? That’s in 7 months from now and I think there is 2 paths forward for Bluetti. Developing a robust community of loyal fans with the ability to repair and replace components or have them serviced by experienced techs OR forcing them to buy only brand new products.

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So you bought a used product on ebay and it doesn’t work. Surprise, surprise.

Oh i knew it was broken. Not everything that is broken is junk and deserves to be thrown out. I enjoy recycling and fixing things. I think this community would likely agree. What i am asking for is potentially making it easier to replace specific components like BMS Circuitry, or LCD panels, or power buttons, USB jacks, handles, Wireless chargers, things that are inevitably going to brake on the AC200P when the warranty is expired.

If your AC200p breaks after the warranty period, would you rather throw it all in the garbage or be able to repair \ get it repaired? (not being an ass or anything, I think it is the inevitable future for these devices when warranty expires.)

At worse case I bought a device that I can sell for parts if Bluetti isn’t offering any.


Hi bigbluefan,

What’s the matter with your unit and what replacement parts do you need?

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I have repaired many electrical items, including radios and TV sets with old vacuum tubes, so I agree with “bigbluefan” that it is worth more to fix a broken equipment than throwing it out. Maybe Bluetti can supply service information after any model is out of warranty. The cost of repair will be much less than the shipping cost to a Bluetti shop.

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Thanks Bluetti.

I will likely have some time to pull it apart this weekend.
I instantly get a Low BMS voltage. If disconnected from the AC adapter, it shuts off within 1 min at 40.6V in the BMS screen
If plugged into AC it actually continues to drop to 36.9V? The charger is supplying 467W, and the light is red.

When the Alarm does go on after a couple seconds i hear an audible click of a relay (i’m guessing Power input disconnect?)

My first goal is to disassemble with as little damage as possible.

Next i’m going to disconnect the BMS \ batteries from the Unit and check voltage on the battery by itself. Then i guess i’m looking for advice at that point.
What would Bluetti Service techs do from that point? I’m sure you have much better diagnostic tools to plug your cells in to check, but i’m limited to what an average electronics enthusiast has.

I would like to test individual cells to rule out a bad cell, but i’m not going to get ahead of myself yet. 1 step at a time, and any advice is appreciated for sure!


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@bigbluefan I don’t work for bluetti so I can’t vouch for what they recommend but you should check out Jehu’s video on his fix/repair of the AC200Max… it shows how he was able to open up the casing and might help if you decide to go that route…


That’s exactly what i plan to do! Thanks for this one as well.

He has one more video when he first gets his ac200p Production version and shows alot of detail. They are beautiful units so i just want to be very cautious.



So Pretty Happy! After full disassemble the battery reads 53V on a multimeter. I guess there still could be cell damage that is causing the BMS to alert low voltage but the Numbers are not lining up. The ac200p CPU or head unit somehow reads less than 40V coming to it, but the direct Battery voltage shows at 53v

Is there any diagnostics i can perform on the BMS circuitry? I could test each and every cell if needed. (It actually looks like you make that fairly easy to do on the balance leads!) The CANH\CANL jumper cable looked to be a little loose. I could try reassembling and tightening those connections up.

Or any other jumpers here i could potentially test? and how i would go about doing so?

Do you think its a faulty BMS board (I hate to call it a BMS, looking at the circuitry there seems to be alot more!

The unit is super easy to disassemble (Other than the grey Bevels around the outside.)

A+ there!

I added some other photos. 1 looks to be the board identification as well. Maybe you’ve diagnosed other issues in the past that relate to this board? Thanks!


As an EE, and with much disassembly experience (including IBM mainframes and storage systems), I like your photo of the interior. I wish you luck troubleshooting the AC200P. Please post again whatever you find on it.

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Well I think I’m at a cross roads.
Voltages were 3.32 +- 0.007 across all 16 Cells.
No visible lose connections. Tightened all connectors I could find.

Re-assembled the AC200P and tried to power on. Voltage read 49.4 and steadily declined down to 41 before setting the alarm off. Never reads the true 53 Volts from the very beginning.


Is it possible to purchase a new board (The BMS board) and hook it up? I noticed quite a few of the PCB’s had the same Revision 5 on it, so I hope there was no major changes across multiple boards?

At this point i would be happy to take it to Email conversation and sort out any details if its a simple swap.

Also a Bonus find. I’ll start a different thread on speculation for that!


Well Not looking good or promising for Right to repair on Bluetti Devices. Haven’t given any other trouble shooting steps nor will they sell replacement parts.

They will not sell parts for Bluetti AC200P

“…And I’m sorry that we can’t sell the accessory part to you…”


Is this the business plan going forward? No parts available for anyone that may damage a unit accidently OR Once warranty runs out? If so i’ll sell off the parts on Ebay right now. It’s a shame and would confirm that i will not buy a brand new Bluetti product.

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Did you ask how much it would cause Bluetti to repair it out of warranty? Selling parts and supporting DIY repair may be logistically complicated when there are lots of competing priorities.

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Good Point, i’m open to anything. I have a feeling shipping costs would be a nightmare. 60 pounds vs .5 pound BMS, but i think i would be game for anything.

This is going to become a huge problem in the next 6 months (June warranties expire?) I hope they have a pan by then. Right now im stuck in a weird spot, would love a functional unit but if i can’t i need to scrap it and hopefully sell the parts to someone else in the same boat

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