Bought a broken Bluetti AC200P

Hi @bigbluefan,

We’re sorry that we don’t sell any parts of the unit. If you disassemble the unit, we won’t provide a replacement even it is still in warranty. It is acceptable to send it to us, and we will repair it. Please contact our customers’ service for more specific issue.

I have contacted support numerous times. They will not provide support without an order ID which I don’t have as it was bought second hand.

So here I am

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You can know the order ID by asking the person who sold the unit to you.

Im not sure if your fr north America, it was bought used on Craigslist.

The email is randomized and I have no contact information for the user. I’m happy to pay for a part to fix the unit.

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Kind of makes you wonder why the seller did not get the unit repaired rather than sell to you malfunctioning? For such an investment, I would have gotten it repaired under warranty.


Yeah I didn’t get a whole lot of information, maybe hinting at Bluetti didn’t want to be bothered with shipping (I am in a bit of a remote location)

You most likely have to get it to back to Bluetti at your expense at first.

Try reaching out to the seller the same way you reached out to him when you bought the thing. I have used Craig’s list many times, but always picked up in person.

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I only have the Randomized email from the Craigslist Add. The Email is no longer in service.

@BLUETTI I’d be happy to ship the unit back to you at my expense if that is still a viable option. I like the products in theory, but if they aren’t repairable they become much less viable in my mind. The Lithium battery community is growing rapidly and i think its a viable market to be targeting for the ability to repair, Especially considering the weight of the units and shipping costs.

Hi @bigbluefan ,

Our customers service has sent you emails, please kindly check.

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Update, We tried to get it shipped for repair at my expense, but I’m in Canada and they don’t have a repair facility here. They are trying to get me a repair video for a DIY fix. I really hope this pans out, if so i have faith for out of warranty support!


@bigbluefan keep us posted!!


Good Morning,
The process has been slow, but that’s about all i have to complain about so far and that’s not much at all. @BLUETTI has actually been pretty good. I figure this is new territory for them and they are figuring out how to navigate it along the way.

They asked for a video to see exactly what the error was. i complied and they said their technician new exactly the part to send to fix it, i hope it all works out!

In the future i think there is going to be a great used market for these devices if Bluetti can rally around a store front to buy spare parts and a knowledge base would be great as well!

I’ve ween told it will take 15 business days, so ill update with anything new. But so far exceeding expectations.


Secret Cell menu on mine is on the BMS maintenance page accessed by repeat tapping top left hand corner … it makes the beeping you have to do a fair number of times to get the cell status screen

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Final Update: So Far Jan 31 / 2022

Bluetti diagnosed the problem via a video and sent me a new BMS as replacement (One of the mofsets came bent as if it was dropped, but i don’t think it will affect too much I hope.

One other big issue i foresee for reparability is the handle mounting points. The 4 mounts for the handle are simple brass inserts into a weak injection molded column (pictures). The outer skin (grey corner borders) is likely strong enough to help support this but the handle nuts simply cracked off when tightening the handle nuts.

Any AC200p owners out there, i would advise to be extra careful when picking up and putting down the unit. i don’t think it would take much force to dislodge those brass inserts and render your handles useless. Also i would be cautious when carrying the unit as it may already be broken and just held on by the plastic skin. If your handle is loose, this is likely the case and unrepairable without a brand new case

I am going to install some small nylon strap to distribute the load over the entire bottom to the handles.

@BLUETTI I would love to see this supported with an aluminum brace mounted outside of the bottom of the AC200 (Or any heavy case from now on) Spread the force over the entire plastic shell rather than small failure points.

Functional components, modularity of parts, good labels, forethought, makes fixability a 9\10 for a skilled technician.

Physical components (Case, plastic, handle mounting) i would rate this at a 2 / 10 for fixability. The corner bracket skin is a disposable part. All the mounting barbs on it are one way. Meaning it’s physically impossible to remove without snapping them off. So be warned if you are fixing the device you will likely suffer damage to the outside skin (removing it breaks mounting points off as well as there is super adhesive double sided tape). And may suffer weak mounting points for the handles (2 snapped off on mine at a very low torque, on the power inlet side).

I’m happy with the support @BLUETTI provided. They went above and beyond. it did take a long time, but I understand it’s not part of their process… yet. I would love it if they take the time to release a service manual with proper procedures AND maybe sacrifice some cosmetic aesthetics for functionality in the future.

  • Add screw hole mounting for the skin instead of snap off barbs. Allowing for the repair to be done locally without the costly need to send units back and forth to repair centers.

  • Add an aluminum bar on the underside for securing the handles to, distribute the weight more evenly and not rely on 4grams of brass to support 60 pounds. I feel like this is a huge liability. If an owner roughly sets the device up high (back of a truck) and breaks the mounts. The next time they pick up the unit, 1 or both handles have the ability to come loose and drop 60 pounds directly on a foot, or child standing close or pet.

If anyone is interested, i privately uploaded the videos to youtube and can share those.

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With your experience disassembling the unit, what method did you use to remove the outer “skin” piece from the corners and how was the end result upon reassembly?

It’s next to impossible to remove ‘cleanly’.
i’ll post where the double sided tape was on my unit but each are different. Leveraged pry tools to basically tear the barbs as close as i could get. I should mention it was only half the barbs were impossible. ill take pictures of which ones and where. I’m waiting on some slim nylon straps before full reassembly.

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The cig socket back up nut on the inside of my AC 200 is loostening up and I was thinking about opening mine up to tighten it back up. I want to be able to do this and put it back together without having it look like I took it apart in the first place.

Let me see if there’s a way to do it without opening it up. (Maybe the nut is binding or at least i can show you from the inside .

I honestly wouldn’t open it if you didn’t have to. i took my time to try and keep it aesthetically pleasing, and i still made 2 small scratches that wont be able to be covered + the ‘skin’ edging, had some plastic stress marks (white)


Thanks for the insight. My AC200 12 volt car socket nut is not excessively loose at this point but I assume it will keep getting looser. I will not take any action until necessary.

Sorry Scott. Im waiting on a nylon strap. i sealed it up. once i get that strap and make a permanent fix ill take pictures for you.

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