Bluetti offices are open?

is impossible to have notice about my Order SPF-EU-1195 or other question whit phone mail…
its open???

tahnks for help

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@mac They had a holiday overseas this past week so they are playing catch-up I’m sure. I take it you tried emailing them??

hi, yes I tried both bluetti and bluettipower and no answer.
I will wait for the orders to be recovered
thanks a lot

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new info from moderator…

Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
My colleague will contact you soon. Please kindly note.
Thank you.

hello my mail si thank’s

I hope this is valid for Bluettipower.EU as well - I am also waiting for any feedback to come.

Hi there,

What can I do for you? It would be much better if you provide your order number or email address so that my colleague can contact you directly.

I meant, it will be good if the team of Bluetti is back this week (incl. EU) and they will proceed with the orders.
My order is SPF-EU-1184 .

i want have a notice about order number Order SPF-EU-1195

thank s

simone fromboli
from italy

All of members has gotten back to work, and we are pushing hard to deal with your orders. Thank you for waiting.:orange_heart::orange_heart:

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Ok have a nice day
thank’s a lot

And still no response for the order update. And the phones are off. Honestly, this doesn’t spark confidence.

it is truly worrying for future assistance…
my order in in preparing mode…order number Order SPF-EU-1195
no news …

What email did you try sending your inquiry too??

What email did you send your inquiry too??

i send mail to and
thank s

Ohh you’re overseas then I take it @mac ??

@BLUETTI will have to step in and help for that as I don’t know the specific email for them.

Ok…I’m italian from Tuscany

@mac gotcha. Someday I wish to come visit your beautiful country! Haha as a chef, I have an infatuation with your cuisine and culture!

But anyways haha @BLUETTI will be able to assist you further.