BLUETTI MultiCooler: Setting the Bar for Energy-efficient Cooling!

:star2: Experience the Difference with Our Cutting-edge VIP Temperature Control Technology: Utilizing vacuum insulation panels and ultra-microporous foam layers.

Insulation technology

:mag: Addressing the Issue:
Surveys indicate that traditional black fridge exteriors absorb heat under sunlight, affecting internal cooling and leading to food spoilage.

:sparkles: Our Solution:
Redefining Cooling Efficiency and Sustainability.

Multicooler’s innovative VIP temperature control technology ensures consistent internal temperatures, maintaining a steady internal temperature even under direct sunlight to ensure your food and beverages stay fresh and cool. Additionally, it can cool down from 86°F / 30°C to 32°F / 0°C in just 15 minutes!

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This is an impressive use of new materials. I'll upload a few pictures of my first tests comparing it to a regular transportable fridge.

Punchline: while tested indoors and away from the windows, it "cruises" at 6-7W, making it an absolute winner against covnentional portable fridges. Moreover, I measured it thermal dynamics after turning it off, and how long it kept things at safe food temperatures.


Wow, nice! Keep us updated!

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Pun intended, this device is really cool.
Ok, #DaddyJoke :no_mouth:


Je l’imagine trop bien dans notre petit chalet :heart_eyes:

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Full report of my first 10 days of testing: