Bluetti Eb3a Firmware

Please list the latest firmware version updates for both Andriod and Iphone separately. I have android ARM v2062.03 and DSP v2056.10. My app says Im current. Does Bluetti have a firmware update website or just google play?


Your firmware is already the latest version. Is there something wrong with the machine?

Thankyou for your quick response. At the moment everything is fine with my eb3a and its working beautifully. I haven’t tested solar charging yet because I have no panels, but I read on the forum I would need a firmware upgrade if I do, so I just thought I’d be ready

I have ARM v2063.02 and DSP v2052.07 on my EB3A. Why do my firmware versions differ from Jazzy’s? Is there a way to check for a new firmeware? And how do I install it on the powerstation? I also have the problem that the power station only charges from a power of 11 watts via the solar input.


My EB3A (US version) is showing ARM v2057.11 and DSP v2056.10 via my Android App with no firmware updates available.

According to the Android app, this is the latest firmware for my EB3A. EU Version (Germany).


Hi, my eb3a has also the old 2052.10 firmware. I’m waiting quite a while now for an update and there are some real issues with this unit. Why are you treating your customers differently? Please give me information when you will provide an update for my eb3a. I’m starting to feel quite annoyed.


You have to log in to the BLUETTI-App with an Account to update the Firmware!

My German IPhone tells me about the firmware on EB3A:

Thank you, I’m aware that I have to be logged in. I just checked again and saw that the DSP version isn’t even 2052,10,but 2052.04. So there is definetely something wrong. @BLUETTI how can I update to the lates dsp version?

@FrankP The latest firmware version of EB3A for Europe is DSP 2052.10 ARM 2053.07
If you want to update to the latest version, please provide me with the serial number of EB3A, thanks!

Interesting. How come I am on ARM 2063,02 for my german unit?

It was purchased from Amazon, so it should be legit.

After checking with the engineer, I learned that the ARM 2063,02 version is just a different chip batch, but the function is the same.


Alright, thanks for clarifying!

Thank you, I have sent you a private message with my serial number.

Received. You are expected to receive a push notification of the firmware update within 8 hours.
Please keep an eye on the app and keep it updated at that time, thank you!

Thank you. Is there also an Update for the Arm-Version? Because after some quick test, there seem to be still the same problems I experiencend before. For example: If the charging power drops to 10 watts an below, the App displays the correct wattage (e.g. 8 watts), but the display on the unit itself shows zero watts. Is there a changelog anywhere to actually see what changed with the update?

This is normal. It cannot be solved by ARM firmware update.
Because the power is too small, the current is not well sampled, and the power error of the display will be larger, so the display will not show.

Hi ,
I have the same problem : My EB3A DSP firmware is at 2052.04 and no update is available.
My serial is EB3A2227002936983

What specifically is wrong with your EB3A please? If it works properly, there is no need to update the latest firmware. As the latest firmware is generally targeted to solve some certain problems.