Bluetti AC200P/AC300 vs. Titan

Has anyone done the subject comparison? The basics I know. Titan does have an excellent quality reputation.


If you’ve seen the available specs on each, then you know the Titan is way outdated, starting with battery chemistry, and the AC300 has far more capabilities (and a far better price). Every single time I go to Titan’s website, it’s on backorder. I don’t know why people still talk about it. Unless they vastly update it, there is no comparison.

Trying to compare Titan to the AC200P is apples and oranges.

I’d still take the AC200Max + expansion batteries over the Titan. The AC200Max can’t do split phase, but neither can the Titan, but the AC200Max has more and better features.

As for reputation, who do you know that actually has a Titan and can vouch for that? How’s their customer service? How big is their operation? A couple reviewers have it. That’s about it. If you look at the “reviews” on their webpage, it is by and large not reviews from owners but comments and questions from prospective buyers. They have one product, and it is perennially on backorder. Now it says it’s on backorder til Nov 2021.

The website also says they are working on Titan 2.0 and hope to have it out in Nov 2021. Sure thing. My guess is they will have to lower the capacity to fit the cases they already have designed, or design bigger cases to fit the capacity since they say they are going to LFP for the 2.0, and will have wi-fi, but no BT. They say the 2.0 will have split phase. They have no plans to make an EU version.

Meanwhile, Bluetti has many sogens in varying sizes. Here are most of them. I may have missed one or two: AC30, AC50, AC50s, EB55 (new), EB70, EB150, EB240, AC200P, EP500/Pro and AC200Max and AC300 with the B230 and B300 expansion batteries that have backwards capability and stand alone DC power/ports. Each type has EU and other versions available.

I don’t know the numbers, but Bluetti has, I am sure, thousands of happy customers, and repeat customers at that. Pretty much 99% of complaints I see on FB and Amazon are user error or user misuse. A lot of people don’t actually know how to use one and many are allergic to reading manuals.


Thank you so much for your inputs! I am aware of a lot of what you pointed out, but your presentation of the “situation” deserves consideration. What can the AC200 Max do that the Titan cannot? The Titan has a 3000 watt inverter.

The 3000 watt inverter of the Titan is a very desirable spec. Now, the upcoming AC300 will have that AND will have a 50% greater capacity battery (3000 watts; assuming one battery attached).

Apparently, the Titan can gives the user the ability to use 100% of its battery capacity, whereas the Bluetti gives the user about 80+%. Something to consider. Bluetti’s LiFePO4 batterys are much heaver than Titan’s Lithium Ion batteries.

In terms of customer service, I have read some reviews about some issues with the Chinese-based customer service, but with Titan all I have to do is call their USA-based support and they are immediately available. So, on this aspect, Titan probably wins. However, as you pointed out, the Bluetti community blogs are an excellent resource!

Something you did not point out is that the no. of battery life cycles is 2000 for the Titan, whereas I believe the no. for the AC300 is 3500!

What is of some concern to me is the internal quality of components of the Bluetti (Chinese-made) vs. the Titan (USA-based; batteries do come from China). I have no objective data either way on this aspect, other than China-made products are often cheaper in quality. So the question is: is that the case with Bluetti???

For what it is worth, on Point Zero Energy’s website, 54 reviews give the Titan a 4.8 out of 5.0. Excellent! One can find more negative Bluetti reviews than Titan, but that is perhaps due to respective quantities sold. Very difficult to find negative comments on Titan.

Again, I appreciate your thoughtful response.

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Good read. Thanks. I started with Bluetti and I am sticking with them. Titan I believe is a little more expensive.

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Perhaps you should compare peaches to peaches and not peaches to nectarines. The AC300 is Titan’s rival. Both require an external battery to use. But the AC300 is an exquisite white peach whereas the Titan is an ordinary peach.

AC300 + one B300 = 3000W, 3072Wh LFP with ~3500 cycles (I’ll take your word for this but I am pretty sure it is higher) and 2400W solar input. Max AC input = 3000W

You can also charge the batteries separately with 700W solar input on battery and 500W AC on battery.

AC300 battery expansion2

B300 battery1

In fact, there are multiple ways to charge the AC300/B300

Titan + one battery = 3000W, 2000Wh Li (guessing NMC) with 2000 cycles, and 1000W solar input. Titan requires two or more batteries in order to have 2000W solar input. Likewise, AC charging is 400W unless you have two or more batteries, and then it is max 1450W but requires two chargers. According to the manual, you can charge the Titan in three ways simultaneously, though I don’t see how you would be able to do it without using another sogen with a car port output. If you charge it with solar, AC and car port simultaneously, the max charge input is 1000W per battery.

Titan ways to charge and max input

Back to life cycles and your claim that Titan can use 100% battery capacity whereas AC300 can use only 80%. ALL batteries have a reserve of at least 10%. The display may say you are 0%, but that does not count the reserve. It is much like a PC with a partition drive. At least that’s my analogy. Not sure where you are getting your 80% number, but typically battery life cycles are based on how many cycles you can run before the battery drops to 80% capacity. I will try to get an answer on this and the life cycles.

LFP batteries are heavier, quite true, but they are also safer and have many more life cycles. It is why EF and Titan and others are jumping on the LFP bandwagon, because of consumer demand. LFP is also more eco-friendly, while NMC is being phased out because cobalt is not, and both cobalt and nickel are becoming scarce.


Titan has a 2 year limited (whatever that means) on the power module and 1 year limited on the battery.

AC300 has a 2 year hassle-free warranty for both power module and battery.

I note on the Titan website, they say backorders are charged at time of order, and while backorders can be cancelled, there is a 3% cancellation fee. Given the Titan has been on backorder forever and estimated availability is Nov 2021, which is the same as it was back in Feb when I last looked, I would not want to tie up that much money for something with no guarantee it will be delivered and have to pay a cancellation fee if it is not.

My guess is there may never be a Titan 2.0, because who would buy the original when it is ostensibly not available until Nov 2021, which is when they claim Titan 2.0 is coming out? How can they develop and build a working Titan 2.0 without income from ongoing sales of the current Titan? It costs a lot to develop, and as I said, switching to LFP will require either a larger case or a smaller capacity on the battery (and possibly redesign to handle the weight), and a redesign of the power module (and possibly a larger case).

Also as I said before, the customer issues with Bluetti are 99% user error and/or mis-use and failure to RTFM. While you might see a lot of posts on FB with gripes and issues, the community itself by and large walks the user through the issue, and there are multiple ways to contact Bluetti. They also respond on FB.

I just called the service number (1 pm PDT on a Sunday), pressed 2 for tech support, and got a live person on the phone. I immediately told him I was just calling to prove a point that you can get a live person on the phone, and he mentioned the service hours are M-F. I didn’t even think about the fact I was calling on a Sunday, lol. He was very friendly, and spoke excellent English.

As I also pointed out, the vast majority of “reviews” for the Titan aren’t actually customer reviews. Most of them are from 2019, with only a handful of verified purchasers.

As for your inference that Titan is US-made vs made in China, perhaps you are confusing manufacturing with assembly. The vast majority of electronics components are manufactured in China. I sincerely doubt the key components of the Titan are actually manufactured in the US.

Bluetti has its own factory. For the new B230 and B300 expansion batteries, they actually had to develop (and patent) their 10 pin connectors.

10 pin connector for battery

For comparison, here are existing standard connectors with at most 9 pins:

Bluetti is known for its quality of components, as has been noted by various technical reviewers and experienced users.

I don’t disagree that the Titan quality is quite good, but the existing model is woefully outdated.

The Bluetti AC300 will be shipping in September, the AC200Max in late August. Will there be a Titan or a Titan 2.0 available in November? I’m not betting on that.


Excellent information and presentation SoulGen…


Nicely done Laurel!! This is some killer info! Thank you for all the time ya took to put it all together too! This will help a lot :metal:


Excellent discussion; thanks so much for the time and effort you took for your response! I respect an informed person. For whatever its worth, I have pretty much decided to get the AC 300 when it comes out.

I do have a question for you: I read one person’s input on this site who stated that Bluetti sometimes has “teething problems” on some of its new models, so a person should wait a while before buying, for example, the AC 300 when it first comes out. What are your thoughts, experience on this. Much thanks!

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EXCELLENT summation and presentation. Thank you so much.

For what it’s worth… I ordered one of the first 100 orders of the crowdfunded OG AC200 off the crowdfunding platform and haven’t had any issues with my unit since day 1…

Now I have also heard of people having issues but haven’t heard from one single person that wasn’t able to get the issue resolved almost immediately with Bluetti’s customer service teams. And that is the reason I will continue to purchase products from this company. They stand behind their products with great warranties and are VERY responsive IF any issues were to arise. Just my 2 cents tho. :metal:

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I second Mike’s statements above. I too was one of the first 100 orders of the “OG” AC200 and have 0 issues to date.


M. Briney:

Thank you! Good information.


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I wasn’t one of the first - always late to the party. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was #5244, but still got a really good deal at $1141 for the AC200 in a package deal. I never once questioned whether Bluetti would deliver. No issues with mine either.

That was my first foray into sogens and I have stuck with Bluetti products for the most part since. I’m actually still waiting to receive 3 other crowdfunded sogens, but I have bought many Bluetti products since my first. No issues with any of them.

Bluetti constantly strives to improve its products based on consumer requests and suggestions of what is wanted and needed by users. That is how they came to develop the AC200Max and AC300 series. Powerful and compact for the RV/van users, but also great for home, on and off grid.

Bluetti is nimble and versatile, and to me, there is no equal in the sogen market.

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Appreciate your input and experience!

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What number did you call? I’ve been calling off and on all afternoon and no one is answering and I tried Option 2 for tech support. I just opened my AC200P and it came with 0% charge, shuts off within 20 seconds and has a fault error #43, BMS Low Voltage." I was hoping to use it if we lost power during this storm. But that’s not feeling very likely. Do you have any suggestions? THANK YOU!

"[quote=“SoulGen, post:5, topic:1080”]
I just called the service number (1 pm PDT on a Sunday), pressed 2 for tech support, and got a live person on the phone. I immediately told him I was just calling to prove a point that you can get a live person on the phone, and he mentioned the service hours are M-F. I didn’t even think about the fact I was calling on a Sunday, lol. He was very friendly, and spoke excellent English.

Service hours are M-F, 9-5 PST. I would email since it’s the weekend.

Email :

Telephone: 1-702-463-4792

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm (PST)

Address: 6185 S Valley View Blvd Ste D. Las Vegas NV 89118

Dang it, missed again. I forgot about the ‘15th’…already sold out.

7pm pst… couple hours away @roxie60 !!

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Maybe I should go for the 200max plus extra battery

Decided on the b230 to add watts to existing ac200p. Also ordered ds50 cause that appears to be required for b230 to work with the ac200p. Wish I could have got the MAX but still recovering/repairing from 100 yr flood.