Bluetti AC180 P turn off, completely, charge at 100% No UPS function ?

My Bluetti AC180 P turn off, completely, when input AC from Grid is off, charge at 100%.
Eco mode disabled .
So bluetti AC180P has NO UPS FUNCTION ? .
Bluetti has latest firmware
ARM v2089.02
DSP v2088.02
BMS v1039.01

Serial No: AC180P2327000161404.

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@minaunghein Did you have any loading equipment at the time? If a device is loaded, what kind of device is it?

Did you have any of the DC or AC outputs turned on? I believe if all outputs are OFF, then the unit will turn off regardless of the ECO mode settings.

Yes, I have DC enabled in one case: Router , 12 W . It was off suddenly completely.
Another case was 3d Printer running at 60 W at normal printing stage. In that case, when light go off, it shut off completely. As the printer is directly connected to the outlet of AC180P, there should be no delay and it should continue supply.

Most of the time DC is on , for the backup purpose of Wifi Router. When 100% charged and then for a certain, random period of time, it went off completely

@minaunghein Sorry for my late reply. Could you please check if there is a history error code?

There is no error code mention. As it is shut off with blank screen. When turn back on , it is just like normal running condition.
Case 1: At the time of full charge again, at a random period of time, it shut off completely, having 8 W discharge.
Case 2: At the time of full charge again, when input from grid is off, let say i turn off the outlet, it drop and off completely

@minaunghein Did you see the error code on the APP? You can follow the below steps:
long press AC+DC at the same time until the frequency flashes, then long press the DC, and then you can see the error code. The left side is the code that reported the last error, and the right side is the code that is currently reporting the error. You can take a photo of this page and I can check.

By the way, is the frequency adjusted correctly?

Yes. got the error code as per the instruction.
E092 E000
Frequency is set as 50 and slight variation as per the grid value.

My Solution now is dare not to charge until 100%, once 99% then switch off input from grid.

Thanks for prompt supporting btw.

@minaunghein Sorry for my late reply. E092 means BMS short circuit protection. Our engineers are unable to reproduce the problem you mentioned. We recommend that you contact the seller directly for repair.

Hello To same problem I bought ac180P it as a backup for my starlink. It turns off when charged to 100 percent. And when there is a power failure, it always turns off.As a UPS, this device of mine is completely unusable