Bluetti 120W solar panel eyelets

I’m considering building a collapsible frame that I can set up at my camp site to strap/bungee the Bluetti 120W solar panels to using the eyelets on each end of the panels.

Is there any info on pull strength of the eyelets? It can get pretty windy where I camp and it would be nice to know ahead of time when I should and shouldn’t mount them in this fashion. Really don’t want to damage them if it gets too windy.

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I don’t know of any specific numbers or anything but they are pretty strong. I wouldn’t keep them out during a monsoon or tornado but I’d imagine they’d hold up to 30-35mph maybe??

If you’re seeing them flexing too much and have doubts with your setup, I would definitely recommend checking out what @SoulGen threw together! She has an incredible setup for her panels and could probably give you more details on where the supplies came from and how well they are holding up to the elements.

Here’s a link to check out part of her setup!! Soo badass!!

Thanks Mike. I don’t do Facebook anymore, but I’ll take your word for it.

@dklimas snap, here it is on this site…

I need to update that with the new and improved system with the shelf. But this is pretty big and heavy for traveling.

How about something a little simpler? You can make this for fewer panels than shown. The Bluetti panels fit right in the t-slots. With the hinge arms, you can angle the panels. You can probably put a foot on there. I used 80/20 materials but you might find something a little cheaper. This was sized for the SP120s. The 200s are a bit bigger.

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Thank you for the ideas! I was thinking it would be completely collapsible. So with your frame I could make the inside bolt be the pivot point (hinge) and then have a spring loaded pin in the second hole location that snaps into the L and T brackets. I use Home Depot buckets filled with water to anchor down my EZ-Up, I could do the same with the frame. I have 6 SP120’s.

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