Bluetooth Not Pairing

The only way my EB3A will connect via the app is through “Direct Access”. Any idea why my phone won’t pair with the EB3A? Please advise.


Hi @Justacafe , Bluetooth is automatically turned on when the EB3A is powered on, no special settings are required.
Can you operate the EB3A normally on the app? If you can, then there is no problem. :blush:

Hello @Justacafe,

These devices use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and as such no pairing is required.

Just open the app and go.

If you’re trying to pair your EB3A via your phone’s native Bluetooth pairing option this won’t work. You must connect to it using the Bluetti app.

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I just got an EB3a, initially the app connected on my phone via Blootooth (Once) after that it does not want to connect with the EB3a.

I can see the EB3a in the list of BT devices, but the app just says “No cloud service, please connect via bluetooth”

UPDATE - you click the BT symbol to the right of your device not the device and it connects.

Tried manually connecting and rescanning Qr code on the bottom of the unit, nothing. Bluetooth on the phone does not show the EB3A, and I keep getting a 404 error, communication timed out. The app shows the serial number as an available device. Selecting it just gives the timeout error again.

This is what is happening to mine as well. Did you find a solution?

If you have any other devices like a tablet, laptop, etc that might be paired with it, they will interfere with your phone’s bluetooth. Turn off Bluetooth in those devices for now. Turn your phone’s Bluetooth off and on then see if it pairs.

Mine is just the opposite; my iphone will hijack my ipad’s Bluetooth connecttion any chance it gets (ipad battery runs out or I powered down my AC500.) I actually use my ipad more than my phone/desktop/Macbook air.