AC300 system up and running

You guys should run some capacity and idle consumption tests.

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Our batteries arrived a few days ago, solar panels yesterday, and the two AC300s came today. I have both AC300s up and running with 1 battery on. So far it seems like the hourly discharge rate with nothing connected is 1-2%, which is 30-60 watts an hour. Seems a bit high? Or…? Then again maybe that’s expected and why they’ll turn off if idle 4 hours…

Is this close enough? Just keep on getting:

Searching for your BLUETTU device via Bluetooth… Connection failed? It may be the following reasons

  1. The Bluetooth of the mobile phone is not enable [it is]
  2. The Bluetooth of the BLUETTI device is turned off. (it’s ON see pic)
  3. BLUETTI device is not in the search range. [literally 2-3 inches away])

Have email into support. Probably will have to send out another unit and take another month+.


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I hope it won’t be a long process if it does need to be replaced, and that statement is partially selfish in nature. My AC300 developed an error overnight: “008. OCP (Over Current Protection) - Hardware”. And this is occurring with no AC or solar input, and no loads connected and after a fresh restart, and it’s repeatable. It is currently unusable. :anguished:

There is a tread about OCP issue on the EP500. I wonder if it is related. Hopefully
This would not require unit replacement. I know it is random, but it is not confidence inspiring if we see this show up on a run of the mill experience documentation so early.

Yes, I remember reading it at the time. It appears to be a very similar issue. My AC300 is now giving the alarm when I plug it in to charge (via outlet). I’m pretty much expecting that the unit will need to be replaced, based on the EP500 thread you mentioned.

Yeah… two different AC300 with two different issues. I had to go out of my way to product a quick and dirty video production to send to Bluetti the fact that the radio module probably is bad. They just responded to my email early this Saturday morning (first contact on this issue).

Hopefully they won’t give you the run-around. Perhaps they’ll have you do firmware update first (just a guess).

I received a response this morning as well, and they are going to put in a RMA for me, so presumably they will replace the unit. I sent a short video showing me starting up the AC300 from shutdown, then turning on the AC ports and the alert showing up immediately. I think it helps them to understand the issue directly as if they had it in hand, and makes the resolution quicker. :+1:

SECOND AC300 is completely DEAD now!!!

Got my replacement AC300 (previous one had bad Bluetooth, but powered things fine for a day before I packaged it back up and returned for 2nd unit).

The replacement unit was able to connect, it performed some firmware updates (3, IoT, Arm and DSP)…

This morning it turned off AC, (with some lights and a computer on it, less than 1000W) and reported OCP error AC300.

Unplugged everything, cleared error and turned on AC… and there was a loud pop and the burnt smell of electronics. It threw 3 errors, but never got around to noting them on screen because I accidentally cleared them).

Now it will NOT operate.

Disconnected GRID and then disconnected each b300 module… to just connect ONE… and now the AC300 will NOT power on.

Oh, that’s nasty! That’s what mine did as well, or close enough. I just got my replacement delivered today, so I’ll by checking that out once I’m home. I’m hoping they don’t have an ongoing issue with the AC300s now!

Suspect the new replacement firmware has a bug in it… I would hold off on firmware updates and see if that doesn’t “fry” your AC300 a 2nd time.

I don’t know where the issue is, suspect a few things. Guessing the DC bus is switched via MOSFET (Field Effect Transistors of some time). I noticed that the B300 modules where not reporting the same SOC … (at one point last night) 79% + 80% + 84% + 78% … this morning it was down to ~ 55% (aggregate).

Don’t know if the BMS’s in each module was calibrated to same level, the voltage could have been spot on between them, just the reported SOC (as a percent) was off. The customer doesn’t have access to that information like the AC200 series.

I am an owner of the original AC200 and like it (also have EB150)… However this AC300 experience is leaving bad taste in mouth… Considering returning EVERYTHING for full refund.


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The firmware update had crossed my mind as well. I wish I had captured what the various firmware versions were at the time I updated, that way I would know if there was any of them that is newer now. Regardless, I am leery of updating. I’m just hoping that the AC300 problem didn’t affect my batteries somehow.

I have (don’t remember the exact part number) the cables to plug B230/300 into various things (EB150/AC200*).

I am discharging two of the B300 into AC200 right down (down to 1 light) in case I do end up sending all the AC300/B300 back. Can plug one B300 into each input on AC200 (just under 600W and just under 500W… ~1000W total). RIGHT NOW running a heater into the room I am at. AC200 (original) is still kicking it … and the kickstarter (or whatever platform) a perk was 3 year warrenty.

The cable(s) turn the B300 (or B230) into a “solar” panel of up to 600 W… Using the DC charging enhancer (got that mainly for EB150, but works with AC200 as well) from less than optimal input voltages.

Don’t think the explosion hurt my B300 (two of them so far) … but not 100% sure… there is a mode of pressing and holding the power button to enable this cables (looked up PD090D to DC7909 or XT90, one of each). There are additional communication and switching logic that these PD090D cables bypass (that would effect AC300 operation).


Well that’s hopeful news. My main concern would have been the power connection side, and not so much communication side, of the electronics.

I have seen something like that too. I lost maybe 2% when leaving the unit alone but on. I think it was a couple hours or maybe it shut off. I think it was 81% when I left and when I came back it was 79%.

I have been charging the AC300+B300 with my 100W renogy panel and it does not move the battery percentage at all. Even though I turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and both DC and AC outputs. I check the PV input power and it looks good at like between 76 and 96 watts for roughly an hour or so and still the % battery doesn’t move. I would expect it to go up by some percentage since it’s capable of charging 2-3% of battery per hour at that rate.

Once I directly connect the panels into the solo B300 I am able to charge it 10%+ over a few hours or so. That tells me that the AC300 is wasting a bunch of electricity even with everything turned off, and preventing my solar from charging it up (or at least severely hampering it from doing so).

The only thing that helps is disconnecting the AC300 if I want to charge with my small panel.

Updating and restarting has only allowed me to turn the WiFi off and on in the interface which I was unable to do before the update and restart. However I am still only able to connect via Bluetooth and not WiFi despite it saying in the app that the Network Configuration was successful after supplying my password to the network. I have an AX mesh router that has both 2.5 and 5GHz bands. If anyone has had a similar issue and was able to resolve it, please let me know!

I hooked everything up yesterday and charged up to 100 (am waiting to do a full discharge and recharge cycle) however over the span of 1 day, Two of my three batteries have been almost entirely stable and held charge while the AC300 unit has been unplugged from grid and PV and mostly powered off except to check charge levels. However my third battery chained to another B300 has lost 2% more charge than the others at this point in less than 24 hours and is now down to 96% while others are at 98%. I am going to continue to monitor the powered off loss then do a full discharge recharge cycle and retest loss of charge.

Try killing the app on your phone and restarting it and then try wifi. Often times the app needs to be recycled and restarted to work.

Also on the lcd screen, page down on settings to wifi status and make sure it has a status of connected.

In this thread, a Bluetti admin said (Back in October) it is a software update issue and not to update if you haven’t already. Now it is Jan, and still no fix. I could access my new AC300 2 days ago via Bluetooth, and now cannot (since update.) I did not know not to update until I searched for solution :frowning:

My general two-cents about a new system is use it. Use it for a few days or a week as you would if the power were to go out. Why? Sometimes issues will pop up and it’s best to work through those issues before it’s an emergency. I am currently working through an issue with the Bluetti tech support where batteries will not balance (AC300 +2 B300 batteries). If I would have just left the system sitting until I needed it, it may have been an issue. This allows me to have a real expectation of the system for my specific application.