B300s new cord not compatible with AC300

I just received my b300s. I was supporter #1940 on the indiegogo campaign. I was hoping to add it to my existing AC300 setup. The new cable is ever so slightly different than the old one. It seems the top 3 pins are spaced wider. Anyway it does not plug in. According to everything I have read it is supposed to be compatible. Is there an adapter I need? Help and thanks

Hi @carl , Sorry, the B300S is not compatible with the AC300, only with the AC500.
But B300 can connect to AC500, you need an extra P150D to P090D cable.

So how do I return my b300s? I purchased it through Indigogo believing it was compatible So that was not a helpful response.
I purchased the b300s to use with with the AC 300. I mistakenly believed this would work because the ac 500 is compatible with b300 batteries. Also, why is it not compatible? Why would you do this with a 1 year old product? Why would you do this with an identical looking product? I personally know 3 people who purchased the b300s on indigogo to use with an ac 300 so I know I’m not an isolated case. Where do I start a return on this product?

Again please Help this sucks


Ouch! that sucks. Curious if there is some erroneous info out there claiming B300S compatibility with the AC300? Haven’t seen any myself but I was only checking out the reverse to make sure my B300 battery would work with the AC500.

Ok, so I have a deeper understanding on the differences between a b300 and b300s. The b300s is set up for the higher current related to putting more batteries in series for use with ac500. The cable has larger conductors for this reason so it can’t mistakenly be plugged into a ac300 which is not able to accommodate as many batteries as an ac500.

Can is use a b300 adapter cable backwards to plug a b300s into an ac300? Or is there some firmware restriction that would prevent this from working?

I understand Bluetti would not want to answer this question in the forum because it would open a liability and a can of worms. My aplication is a van build, i will never have more than 2 batteries connected to my ac300. If this can happen please send me an e-mail

It isn’t a liability issue. Bluetti actually advertised in their live launch and on their Indiegogo campaign that they are compatible. What Bluetti does is make certain claims but leave out important details such as accessories needed to make things compatible and that their surge ratings are bogus.

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Hi @KeithB , As far as I know we have not advertised the AC300 as being compatible with the B300S. You can see the list. Or have you seen an official page somewhere that advertises compatibility between the two? I will take this matter back to the relevant departments.

Hi @eric102 , Be assured that B300 is compatible with AC500.

Yes it was very clear from the video reviews I saw that the B300 would work with the AC500. My AC500 will be arriving in a few days along with a B300S :-). Hopefully the adapter cord for my B300 might ship earlier than the November time frame I’ve seen.

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I think you have a real problem. You probably are aware that the Bluetti is gaining popularity with the van life/builder community. I’m on a few builder forums and know at least 3 other people who ordered the b300s on indiegogo for an AC300 with the understanding it would work. If we all made the same mistake you have a messaging problem

Also, there is no response to my previous question about how to return my b300s


Hi @carl , This will require contacting our support department or the department on the page where you placed your crowdfunding order at the time to deal with the return or exchange.
Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

@BLUETTI, sorry, you are correct. I had been working on my AC500 this afternoon and misread the subject to be compatible with the AC500.


I received my p90 to p150 cable over the holidays. For the last 3 days I have been using it to connect my b300s to my AC300. It has been working perfectly. I’m curious about why bluetti would say this arrangement is not compatible? Why wouldn’t you make your product backward compatible? Also Bluetti clearly says on your YouTube channel that the adapter cable can be used to connect a B300 to a B300s and then I would assume because no where in your literature does it say I cannot then just connect the B300 to my AC300? This is the way I will run my system since I wouldn’t want to void my warranty doing something Bluetti says I can’t do! It would likely be smarter for me to leave the the batteries connected individually to distribute the load through 2 cables vs just 1.

I’m looking for a real explanation on this? I understand the 150 amp plug is for the additional discharge rate of the AC500 pulling current through the additional batteries the AC500 is designed to use. Why can’t you plug an b300s directly into an AC300 with the adapter?

@carl , B300S connected to AC300 host can work, but the charging and discharging power are all limited by the host, and the heating function is also prohibited. So it is not recommended to connect the B300S.

Bluetti should give the opportunity to use B300s at AC300 and AC200MAX. especially cause it works with AC300. Otherwise it says the lifetime cycle of Bluetti products are only one year. This will not arise good customer feedback.

Is this still the case that it is NOT recommended to connect a B300s to an AC300?

I have recently purchased an AC300 and one B300. But I want to get one additional battery. It makes more sense to get the B300s…but you are saying it will not work well? Has the firmware for the AC300 been updated to better accommodate the B300s?

More importantly, what cable is necessary to connect B300s to AC300? I see there is a special cable to connect B300 to Ac500…but what about B300s to AC300?


I think it’s the same cable used to connect the AC500 to the B300 battery Drew (p90 to p150) just connected in the reverse orientation, but it’s not easy to find that cable for sale anymore.

I think Bluetti should have just advertised the compatibility with additional cable and made the cable available for sale. Many people would like the option of the 500 watt solar input on the B300S and the ability to upgrade to a AC500 in the future. The loss of certain functionality like battery heating could have been explained easy enough.

Edit - I see the p90 to p150 is available to buy on the Bluetti site but only with the B300 as an additional item. I think you would have to contact Bluetti to buy it separately.

Its been available at Amazon the last time I checked.

Works great. I’ve been running mine since January with no issues.

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