B300 Transportation

how about getting some sturdy bigger boxes to double box them? add some flat foam or peanuts around the sides? should be a quick fix.

Thank you for your suggestion. We also try our best to find a better way to fix it and provide intact units to our customers.

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I’ve reached out a few times to service@bluettipower.com regarding my order which is between the affected dates. I felt I should mention on here while I wait for a response from service@bluettipower.com so I see updates on shipping status since this seems to be the most up-to-date information, thanks.

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I had to cancel my AC300 and B300 order, bring in Canada, I can’t have the two units separated by so long as I have to go pick it up. Now that the border is shutting with all the testing requirements, it is not going to be worth it to make the trips to go get it. I hope Bluetti will sell this directly to Canada soon.

Okay, just contact our customers service. And we will sell it directly to Canada as soon as possible. Thank you for your support :heart:

Got my AC10 yesterday, very nice unit, thank you Bluetti! Now hopefully we will see the B300’s ship towards the end of next month.

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How long did it take Eric?
I know they are claiming 3 days, but it will be two weeks for me thursday.
For the AC10

It took 11 days from when they sent me the e-mail saying it would be shipped in 48 hours so not to bad considering time of year.

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Bluetti posted a new schedule on the sales pages. Here is it:

We are so sorry that B300 will be postponed to next year. Please click Here for more details. And check the latest estimated shipping date below:

  1. Order Number “BLUETTI-US5961” to “BLUETTI-US7844”: Will ship before the end of Jan 2022.
  2. Order Number “BLUETTI-US7858” to “BLUETTI-US10715”: Will ship before the middle of Feb 2022.
  3. Order Number “BLUETTI-US10716” to “BLUETTI-US12905”: Will ship before the end of Feb 2022.
  4. Order Number “BLUETTI-US12914” to “BLUETTI-US14520”: Will ship before the middle of Mar 2022.
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