B300 Serial Nummber QRQode?

Where can i find the serial Number by the B300 Expansion. is there anywhere a qr Code to Scan?


Wondering the same thing. There doesn’t seem to be a scannable code. I found a regular bar code on the bottom, it’s a white sticker with a bunch of numbers. I tried adding it to the app but it didn’t work. I guess we can only access it on either a ac200max or ac300 on screen or in the app.

Battery packs do not have a fixed SN code.
If you want to do a firmware update, you need to connect to the host and do the firmware update with the host.


So if the B300 doesn’t have a SN code, then you’re telling us that we cannot add it as a device to our Bluetti App. Why would the B300 User Manual tell us to download the app if the B300 doesn’t work with the App?

B300 cannot be connected to the app alone. It needs to be connected with AC300 as a whole before connecting to the app. This is also what the manual means. Sorry for the confusion.