B300 compared to a B300S

  1. What is the difference between a B300 and a B300S?
  2. Can I use an AC500 + B300 + B300S?
  3. Would it be better if both expansion batteries were the same? (2xB300 or 2xB300S)

I have an AC200MAX + B300 and I am considering moving up to an AC500 to get to 5KW output.

Hi @rwessels

B300S is exclusiv to AC500. B300 and B300S arent the same. They are sharing some things with each other but arent compatible as far im aware.

Just to be safe here, @BLUETTI can you confirm?

Thanks and greetings


2. B300+B300S can be connected to AC500, up to 4.
3. That’s for sure.