B230 charging ac200/p

I received the cable to connect B230 to my ac200 or ac200p. It did not charge either of them. I set dc input to PV. Even if I set it to car charge, there was no error. There was no change to either ac200 or ac200p. I have charged B230 to 100% with 5 green lights and the charger turned green. So B230 has 100% charge for sure. My ac200/p has about 80% charge. Does anyone have the same problem?

I don’t have my battery or cable yet but did you check to see if you have voltage at the end of the cable before plugging it into the AC200P?

I have a volt meter so that is something that I can check. Does anyone know the pins location, polarity and voltage that I should measure?

58.8v DC. Another thought, did you follow the connection procedure as shown on the Bluetti video? BATTERY EXPANSION for AC200P - YouTube. It looks pretty straight forward but they seem to emphasize sliding the second cable lock button into position. I wonder if not doing so would cut power to the cable?

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I am getting 49V output from B230. I measured all the way to the pv connector to ac200. It was 49V. I know my pv connection was good because I replaced the other end to connect to the car charger and it showed 100w input. Is 49V too low?

I do see two error codes from ac200/p. 002 PV/Car Low Voltage and 006 Adapter Low Voltage.

I carried out more interesting experiments. I ordered and received a D050S as well. I connected B230 output to D050S and connect D050S to the AC charging port of ac200. 0 AC input too. D050S is supposed to light up green or red when it is charging. No light at all from D050S. I measured the B230 cable output to D050S and again it showed 49V. It looked like B230 was emitting a voltage output but there was no current.

If there is any Bluetti technician here, please advise what I should do next. It looks like I have a defective B230. When I received my B230, it was weird that the the plastic bag that was supposed to wrap the B230 was exposed completely outside and looked dirty. The top surface of B230 had scratch marks as well.

Yeah it’s starting to sound like a bad B230. Will anything work through the B230’s cigarette lighter plug?

Yes, that works. I used it to charge ac200/p and it gave about 100w DC input to ac200/p.

The 12v wattage sounds right so maybe the internal battery is fine but it’s a bad P090D To XT90 cable or the B230’s PD090D port is defective.

It could. But I was able to measure 49V from B230’s P090D port and also 49V from the XT90 end. I may be wrong but I think 49V should be enough, as long as it is over 35V. It looks like B230 is not giving out any current from the P090D port when charging ac200/p.

The cable sounds good then and you are right that 49v should be enough to get something into the AC200P if there were any current.

I do not know if this applies to your situation. On mine, once I had connected the cables with the power off both units, I had to hold the power button on the B230 over 5 seconds. The power light blinked and continue to blink after I released the button. My AC200p started up and began accepting charge.


Wow! You are right. That resolved it. I did not seem to see this step from the instructions in the manual. B230 continues to blink while charging ac200/p. I am happy now. Thank you!


Hi Chris, Mine is charging with a rate of 602W. What is yours? It is pretty good but not what I would expect with 700W.

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Mine ran about 660 watts when I looked. Glad you were able to get it to work.

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The description @ChrisA mentions and the Bluetti Support video @eric102 posted above (a very good how to video btw) are spot on instructions for the b230 & ac200p.

I accidentally fell asleep w/ b230 charging a tablet and a charger (low demand devices) and when I woke up this morning the b230 was off. So sometime in the night it shut off. Both devices at 100% and the b230 still at 5 green dots. Not an official test just and observation and I think answered my own question.

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That is good to hear that b230 has this auto shutoff feature. Thanks for sharing.

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002 and 006 are normal and won’t affect using.