B230 charging ac200/p

Got it. Thanks.

Another question. Can I charge b230 with AC when b230 is charging ac200/p? If yes, I think this is the best way to get both charged with one single AC charger. Is it safe to do so? The inverter in my van is only good to power one AC charger when driving. I no longer can see b230’s 5 SOC lights blinking or moving if I charge b230 this way.

Hi RogerD,

Yes, you can charge B230 by this way. If your SOC lights didn’t blink, please contact our customer service.
Here is the info you might need:

I was referring to B230 and AC200 or AC200P, not AC200 MAX. Would B230 SOC’s 5 LED lights still be blinking in this way? It is not in my case but I think B230 is being charged by the T500 charger because the charger’s LED light is red.

AC200/P is similar with AC200MAX, when they are connected with B230 and recharging. No matter which product is connected with B230, if B230 is recharging, its lights will blinking.

There are two kinds of lights in B230. One is the big power on light and the other are the 5 small dotted lights. In my case, if the big power on light is solid green, i.e. it is not charging AC200, the 5 small lights are blinking when B230 is being charged. If I long press the power on button, the big power on light on B230 will be blinking and it is charging AC200. If I now turn on T500 charger to charge B230, its 5 small lights are not blinking. Its big power on light continues to blink and it is charging AC200. However since the 5 small lights are not blinking, I cannot tell if B230 is being charged. Is this not normal? Has anyone ever seen B230’s both the big power light and 5 small dotted lights blinking at the same time?

In my testing, once the AC200P is 100%, then the B230 begins to charge (ie the LEDs start blinking).

@RogerD no I have not seen both lights mentioned on at the same time with my b230 while connected/charging the ac200.

It sounds like it’s working fine tho. As long as your input charge is more then the output of the b230, this method will work fine to make sure both units are fully charged. :metal:

I managed to get both the big light and small lights blinking at the same time. Below is how I did. Connect the charging cable between B230 and AC200. Turn off B230 and turn on AC200. Connect the AC charger (T500) to B230 trying to charge it. At this moment, since B230 is not turned on, B230 is not being charged yet. Now long press B230’s power button till it flashes. Both AC200 and B230 are now being charged and both the big light and 5 small lights are blinking. Try it.


Excellent. Glad ya got it all figured out!

B230 works really well with AC200. It is compact sitting under AC200 and doubles the capacity. Good job, Bluetti.


is there another way to connect the B230 to the AC200P? I do not find the P090D A XT90 or P090D A MC4 cable available in Europe

Hi @tonino,

You can use D050S to connect them.

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thanks for the reply, I already have the D050S I miss the cable P090D A XT90 or P090D A MC4 in Europe is not found, can you help to find the missing cable? thank you

Hi @tonino,

Please contact our UE customer service at sale-eu@bluetti.com. They will help you.

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