Aviation Plug Cable HELP!

Well, I thought I had a solution, but the cable I ordered is a female aviation plug not male!
So, I need a male aviation plug to something I can use to run my fridge in my van! I called Bluetti and the lady at customer service told me they do not make a male aviation plug cable!!! Which is surprising since the unit has one?
I am now in need of a solution…

From which type of cable do we talk? Wher did youy buy it, could you provide some photos of needing male plug (or the wrong female plug)?
May be there are some adaptercables be available on camping shops? I’m thinking you are not the only whith this problem …

It is the cable that ships with the unit…ac200p. It has the female aviation plug for charging the AC200p unit from solar. The front, OUTPUT, side has an aviation port for 12v/25a aviation plug to run an RV/van. Unfortunately, it did not come with that cable and per tech support Bluetti does not make the male plug to use on there unit.

I think this cable might give me a work around but I cannot tell if it is male or female! UGG!!

They show what seems to be the same cables on amazon, but they include an extra picture showing it plugs into the front of a AC200MAX, which is female, so that implies it must be a male. Both are sold by Bluetti and labeled as the same product, but it’s 50% more on amazon.
Here’s the link

The cable your are requesting is available as an accessory and not supplied with each new unit since many people have no use for this port. If you ask for a 25amp DC aviation output cable you will most likely get what you need.

So is this the same cable. It is sold by Bluetti, but $10 cheaper on Ebay but the seller is Bluetti.

The cable you pictured states it is for an AC200 max and you stated you had an AC200P. The cable pictured will not work. The AC200P has a black metalic aviation connector.

Ok, per the description…“BLUETTI 12V/30A RV cable for AC200/AC200P/AC200Max power station.”
I have the AC200p? will it not work? This is a Bluetti product. And it says Bluetti AC200p?

The picture clearly states AC200 MAX which will not fit your machine. The pictured cable is also not the correct cable. You are more than welcome to order the pictured cable and see for yourself.