EP500Pro EU 12VDC 30A

What type of plug fits here?

Hi @JanNL_FR, you can use this one to output to various 12v devices EP500/EP500PRO-12V/30A AVIATION PLUG


Thanks @PowerMat ,
Does this plug have 2 or 4 pins, because I have a picture that the connection has 4 holes?

You need to look in the EU Store for such a cable. The Picture you have is clearly a non EU Version.

That from the german Bluetti site:

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It’s still unclear.
This is the German site.

@JanNL_FR I can only answer conclusively about the EP500P US Version. I’m sharing two photos from my Bluetti unit/socket and another of the cable I purchased (DC aviation to XT60). After reviewing the latest EP500P manual it looks like the port may have different specs for EU (I created a modified snip from the manual below).

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@PowerMat Thanks, if that’s the cable I can just order it.
It’s a pity that the same cable is about 45% ($29,90*1,45=$43,36) more expensive here. :roll_eyes:
$53,50 on Amazon Bluetti store France