Automated generator charging low SOC EP760

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Hi all,

Interested in the EP760 as an alternative to Victron/Pylontech setup.

Wondering if the EP760 allows or has capability for automated generator charging when using in an off grid scenario?

We would need to be able to use our generator for back up charging when SOC gets too low. Looking to have a two wire auto start generator kick in automatically when SOC of battery reaches a certain level. Keen to know if this is something the EP760 allows for.


Hi @Whikc

If your looking for a solution where the EP760 triggering the generator at Battery Level “x”, im sure this is not really possible. At least not with a direct integration

For really getting it to work, you need to integrate both systems in something like Home Assistant to read out the values and trigger both things from this central point.

For Bluetti Devices there are multiple Github projects “Bluetti2MQTT”. But dont know about your generator.


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After confirming with the Home Storage System team:
This feature is currently being tested, and our development team will be working on advancing and testing it over the next month. Once this feature is launched, I will let you know.

Interesting. Thanks for letting us know :)