Auto Power Off the AC200MAX (Energy Management)

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our AC200MAX has two tasks for us. The first is quite clear, it should provide us with electricity when camping (cool box, etc.). The second task is to support the electricity supply in the household in everyday life. It works really well with solar.
Now to my problem, since here in Central Germany the sun rarely comes out from behind the clouds in winter, the daily electricity yield from the PV system is not particularly high. And this means that the system consumes more electricity than it generates. In order to keep the losses low (the AC200MAX itself consumes about 12% per day) I would like to regulate the solar system brightness-controlled and only connect it to the AC200Max when a minimum energy is to be expected. In order for this to work, the AC200MAX must also switch itself off when not in use (AC OFF, DC OFF, PV not connected). It doesn’t! Is there a way to do this, if not then I would like this. Gladly also time-controlled.
The AC200MAX is great, but I also see a lot of potential in the energy management of the device, especially if you run it 24/7 with solar.

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The only current way to do this is to leave your AC200 max off and disconnected until you look out the window and see the sun shining. When the sun is out connect it to the AC200 Max.

The only thing you can do to minimize the 12% per day draw you are seeing is to make sure both the AC and DC outputs are turned off.

My last thought is that if you cannot make up the 12% loss per day then you do not have sufficient solar energy to meaningfully charge the AC200 Max at all.

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12% of AC200 is 240wh so about 10w.
At that rate, I am pretty sure AC and DC are both off, or it will burn a lot more. You are going to need more solar.

That being said, the larger Bluetti do have somewhat high self consumption. Would be nice for it to auto turn off after a period of no input and output, perhaps periodically waking up to see if there is enough input to turn on and charge.


thanks for the support. More solar energy is not possible. There are structural limits for me, especially since it doesn’t help. The sun has hardly ever shone in the last few weeks. And where there is no sun, even the largest system is of little use. And yes, AC and DC are off. According to my calculations, the solar system should be enough to supply the own consuption of the AC200Max and the consumers I have planned. My calculations against at least 3-4 hours of sun. In summer it can be up to 8 hours and in winter a maximum of 3. I also noticed that the AC200Max turns itself off after a long time, the period is circa 4 hours. I think the period should be adjustable.

To make one thing clear again, I’m not trying to criticize the high self-consumption of the AC200Max itself. My concern is that the AC200Max switches itself off automatically in an adjustable time when not in use.

This is another wish that is included in the following article.

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