AC200max wish list

First, I would like to say that I’m very happy with the AC200max. It’s a nice all-in-one battery backup system for dummies like me. That said, I do wish it had some of these bells 'n whistles:

One step-connect - There is no need for 4 different screens just to connect!
Auto-connect to most recently viewed battery (especially if only one in list)

Reporting module with logging at 1 second interval for these data-points:
Charging input(s): PV, Grid
Outputs: DC and AC
Cell temps
(probably more – please chime in if you have ideas)

CSV (or xlsx) export of above reporting data.

USB to wi-fi connector (allows wi-fi connect even though it’s not built in to the system) This could then be used to export data to a reporting server anywhere in the world!

Auto-on for external batteries (e.g., B300) when PV starts-up the AC200max.

Configurable Grid-power schedule. For example, only charge the battery from grid from 12am to 6 am (yes, I live in a Time-of-use zone). Just FYI: I tried a timer, but it didn’t wake the battery when Grid-power turned on.

Configurable shut-down schedule. For example, shut down 10 minutes after no PV charge. Shut down after x-minutes of non-use. In either case, PV input should wake up system again (as it does now).

I realize most of this is unlikely to be updated for my current AC200max, but these would be huge improvements for future products.

Good notes, I am also a recent buyer of the Ac200 Max and B230 modules. I have mentioned the auto-on issue to BLUETTI earlier. They say they are considering a firmware update.

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@200maxer @daninus1 Thank you for your suggestions. I have passed them to my team.

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Hello Bluetti Team,

I agree with the wishes of 200maxer. An integration for Home Assistant would also be desirable. Connected via Bluetooth, Home Assistant could take care of the data history (PV, Grid connection, etc.) and in the best case, the control of the outputs can be automated accordingly.

Thank you for thinking!

Hi @fluchderpixel

Yes, we have received your advice that and we are going in this direction.
Thank you very much.

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