Any concerns using AC300 or B300 on their side

Thinking of getting either an AC200Max or AC300+B300 for a pickup camper build. I’d prefer the AC300+B300 due to it’s faster charge rate (will hook it to my Ford F150’s 7.2kW ProPower Onboard inverter for charging). However, the dimensions might not work well for my build.

I should be able to get them both to fit well if I can store and use them while they on their sides (such that the 20.5" sides are vertical). Any concerns doing this?

There are already issues with batteries breaking loose in shipping so for that reason alone, I would keep the orientation in its original intent.

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Assuming the vents on each side of the AC300 having breathing room - can’t imagine why it’d make a difference. @Scott-Benson - My AC300 and B300 were very well packaged. I can only assume that one of the freight providers was VERY rough with the packages and/or dropped them many feet. There’s just no other reasonable explanation for the damage.

There is no way I would put a battery of that mass on its sides in a moving truck camper simply for the reason that the battery restraints may not have been designed or have near the strength to retain the battery during the constant movements of the truck. My reservations have nothing to do with operating the unit in other than the intended orientation but the damage that may be incurred from the constant vibration and jostling that will occur during normal transit. The foam and packaging intended to reduce damage from jolts will no longer be present.

Nothing wrong with an owner doing with his unit anything they want as long as they are willing to accept responsibility for the consequences of those actions.

definitely fair! Ideally during travel it’d be in the “correct” orientation.

I agree if the forced air cooling is correct and unblocked to allow using the units sideways.

The vibration a jostling are going to occur in a truck or camper regardless of whether units are in their side…are the AC300 and B300 intended for at home use only? This seems like a pretty large drawback for a supposedly portable system.

What I wrote is my personal opinion. Most pieces of equipment are designed to operate in a particular orientation. A humvee is designed for rugged off road operation with vibration and impacts. If you place it on its side, it won’t operate long. The batteries in the large Bluetti models are mounted in the bottom. Having a large, heavy mass sitting flat on a surface is much easier to restrain than hanging on its side or upside down


That’s makes sense Scott. Thanks.