Technical questions regarding AC200Max

Hi everybody,

I am thinking about buying an AC200Max for indoor use. But there are two questions I wasn’t able to answer by reading the documentation and this forum:

  1. Am I allowed to use the device when it’s “lying” on its back - i.e. when the side with the outputs and the display is facing up?
    This was already discussed here but without a definitive conclusion - maybe someone (from Bluetti?) can tell more?
    The reason I am asking this is that I am wondering if the battery cells might get damaged when they are operated in any other orientation than the intended one (e.g. by the wrong parts of the cell running dry of electrolyte)?

  2. Are the AC outputs protected by a residual-current circuit breaker or is there only a over-current protection?


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It can be used while lying on its back. If it is like the AC300 that I have, there are ventilation fans on one side and the exhaust on the other side. As long as these sides are clear of any obstruction or blockage, that AC200 can run lying on its back or even upside down. The battery and electronics are fixed inside.

As for the AC outlets, there are no breakers, and I don’t know if there are over current protection. My AC300 failed with an 008 OC error which is over current (over 25 A).

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Hi @Raymondjram,

thanks for your answer. The reason I was asking about the orientation is that I am wondering if the battery cells might get damaged by using them in the “wrong” orientation (parts falling dry of electrolyte).
Do you happen to know of what the battery consists?
Is it just a bunch of standard round cells (e.g. 18650, which shouldn’t be sensitive to orientation)? Or is something else that might be sensitive to orientation?


Hi @hermann @Raymondjram ,
All of BLUETTI power stations are recommended to be placed in front. If it is placed upside/ lay down, prolonged use may lead to loosening of the structure, creating unknown risks. The machine has overload protection.