Accessories Delivered But How to use 12V/25A Cable?

A fuse holder would work as well. I personally don’t use either but you will get a variety of opinions on the need. An in line circuit breaker is as easy to install as an in line fuse. Check out this Amazon link that shows both in line and a ring terminal kind. There are many pics to view. The ring terminal kind would install simply at the end of your Bluetti output cable that you soldered the ring terminal to. Another short wire with ring terminals on each end would then connect the circuit breaker to your fuse block input connection. A circuit breaker is good because you can simply reset it if needed and it can also be used like a switch if needed. Here is an example.


Ok thank you. One more question, do you mind explaining if the amperage of the aviation port is 30, why go with a 50A breaker or fuse instead of a 30A?

Edit: Something else I should point out is the distance between the Bluetti and fuse block is only about a foot, so I don’t know if that would make a difference with the wire gauge that would be used with the cable

Because the 30 amp will be more likely to trip too close to the 30 amp limit and their ratings are not spot on. The larger capacity breaker will still protect and it won’t trip when you don’t want it to. If you want to carry 2.5 gallons of water over a distance in buckets, it is much easier to do if you use a five gallon bucket instead of a 2.5 gallon bucket even though in theory, the 2.5 gallon bucket will carry the water.

If you are one foot away from the Bluetti, you would simply use the included Bluetti cable to connect to the fuse block or the circuit breaker.


Haha again, an awesome analogy by sir @Scott-Benson We should be writing a book with these!!

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Thank you, this is very helpful! I plan to power a fuse block going through a breaker (Adventure Wagon electrical kit). Not sure what I do with the ground wire of the anderson connector from the Bluetti to the breaker? The fuseblock is ground to the body. The breaker only takes power from the Bluetti to the fuseblock, no ground…? Thanks!

You can run your ground wire direct to a good body contact of the vehicle

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OK, that’s what I was thinking, thank you for the quick response and for confirming my assumption!