AC500 Work With B300?

I have an AC300 with 3 B300s. If I get an AC500 will it work with my B300s?

Also, can I mix B300s with the new B300S batteries using an AC500?



Not sure, but I would expect so. From the details I found so far the B300S only has a heating element built in. The connector looks the same.

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it says the AC500 can connect 6 B300S. the AC300 can only connect 4 B300.
Is this due to a firmware change or a wire change? did they change the naming of the batteries over the cable from 1-4 to 1-6 just by changing the protocol or did they change the voltages? hard-coded or soft-coded?
it waits to be seen if the AC500 can connect B300 at all and if so only 4 or 6 as well.

really the battery connection is not documented well at all.
are they hiding proprietary information from competitors?

Correct, it states 6x B300S. In this thread we already discussed that it probably is quite simple via a software update to use more then 4x a B300 combinated with a AC300.

Up until now Bluetti has chosen not to do so, clearly it is more profitable to release a new unit like the AC500.

But you are right, there is almost no documentation with details for specific conclusions, it is a bit of speculation at the moment.

Thanks for the link.
I forgot about that thread.
Good to know that plugging in extra B300 cause no issues but just don’t get enabled by the AC300.
I wonder if B300S have a newer firmware than the B300 (plus the heater).
Now if only they would update the firmware for the AC300 to add the new features of the AC500 that the AC300 hardware is capable of.

ps. i wonder if the AC300 can push a new firmware to the B300 if one came out?

The B300S is capable of 150A of output compared to the B300 which supports up to 90A, for this is uses the new PD150D cable over the P090D (which the B300 uses), it has an automatic internal heater (350W) so it can work in very cold climates, and it can accept up to 500W of solar input directly compared with 200W for the B300. To connect a B300 to the AC500 you will need to purchase a new cable: P150D to P090D adapter which Bluetti will make available for sale.

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Hi @miwatson006 , AC500 is compatible with B300. Also, B300 and B300S CAN be mixed in an AC500 power system.
The following chart is for your reference.

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@bxm6306 @BLUETTI Very good, more spec’s and details are welcome.

A B300 is therefore not downwards compatible. I can see the logic and good to know this.

Where did you find this information? (cable name P090A vs new P150A?)
According to the manual the B300 supports 80A (at 58.8V so about 4700W)
So it really supports 90A at 58.8V so about 5400W?

And the B300S supports 150A at 58.8V so about 8800W?
I guess an AC500 plus a single B300S can’t really supply 10,000W surge?

I got this info from the Bluetti FB group where Bluetti staff chime in on occasion. The B300 cable, the P090D which connects to the AC300 is rated for 90A which has a 10A safety margin over the max amps for the B300 battery. I don’t know the max amps for the new B300S battery but would imagine it’s under 150A so that it can support a chain of 6 B300S batteries.

So…according to the chart, if I get an AC500 I can run all four of my B300 batteries into it.
But, with four B300 batteries attached, can an AC500 still take two additional B300S batteries? or put another way, do ALL batteries have to be B300S in order for the AC500 to accept SIX of them? Or can they be mixed (if in a symmetric way).???

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Great question. I was wondering if the B300S cables, which are different than the B300 cables, would be able to be mixed in a series. I doubt that would be the case but it is worth asking the question.

An AC500 can only take 4 batteries if at least one of them is a B300. You’re correct that if all are B300S then you can daisy chain up to 6.

So, that’s too bad. But probably not a show stopper for me just because of the way I have my system configured. I need just a little more than 3000W sometimes, for peak load demands, but I don’t think I “really” need six batteries. The four B300 batteries are doing well. When I add 6 more solar panels, I think it will be perfect except for, as I say-the times I need a peak over 3000W demand. So I ordered a AC500. Not sure what I will do with the AC300 as it is basically a month old. I was thinking it would be a great project to integrate it into my Airstream with two B300S batteries.

So now that we know we need special cables to use B300 with AC500, a few questions:

  • How soon will the cables be available? How much will they cost? (looks like $ 99.00 on Indiegogo?)
  • We will not be able to use the B300 with the AC500 in any way without the new cables correct? (it looks like the cables may not be avialable until December?)
  • Will we be able to connect B300 to B300S batteries?

Excited about setting up the new AC500 :slight_smile:


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Hello everyone!

I have b300 modules.
Q: Can I connect b300 to AC500 and b300s simultaneously?

In other words: AC500 + b300 + b300 + b300s?


In fact, in the AC500 manual, to benefit from Max power in Watts, you need at least 2 x B300s.
Have a nice day,

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@BLUETTI what is the internal votlage of B300 and B300S? A rating of 150 amps seems very high to me. I was checking out Pylontech batteries, and they have 37 amperes output in 48 volts. Isn’t there a risk of wearing down the batteries at that 150amps rate?

Do you confirm the 150 and 90 amperes in B300S and B300? I read other posts about 150 and 75 amperes.

Both voltages are the same. But the single cell capacity is different, B300S max output is about 120A.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but given the 4.5kW limit of a single B300s connected to an AC500, even though B300s has a max discharge rate of 120A, its continuous discharge rate is 80A (given it’s a 52V system).