AC500 shut down AC inverter with codes 004 and 098

@ac_user Thanks for providing the SN code. You are expected to receive a push notification of the firmware update within 12 hours.
Please keep an eye on the app and keep it updated at that time, thank you!

Hi, I do had the same errors today.

AC 500, 240 Volt Version, Serial number 2232000135086.

Regards Tapo

Same issue here with dual AC500, 2 B300s each. Only the primary AC1 is producing the alarm, SN 2233000005322 and AC2 is 2233000348611. Can you push the latest firmware to both?

Sorry for the late reply.
I have submitted the SN codes to the relevant engineer. The update notification is expected within 6 hours. Please go to the app for update at that time. Thank you.

Hi Bluetti Team,
my AC500 System ( Headunit + 4x B300S ) had an error 009. LLC Soft-Start Failure.
Loading or geting Power from PowerConnection is no more possible.
after start to load or start AC Power ON, i get this error.
Software is allready up-to-date.

Please contact, what we can do.

SN: 2232000305246

Regards Benny

I have repeatedly had the same error 004 Battery Voltage High . It is connected to 1xB300S and 3x200w panels and with a max 1400w load. Please send any update to correct this malfunction. AC500 2240002029244 and DSP 4045.04, ARM 4044.04.
Thank you

Sorry for the late reply, did you contact the support department at and get this issue resolved?

Your feedback has been received and I have submitted it to the technical engineers. I will let you know once I have a reply or a firmware push.

@308okc Can you check for a firmware update notification? You can do the firmware update yourself (as neither the DSP nor the BMS is up to date).

Thanks for your response. I don’t see any notice of an update but I’m not sure where to look. I only have access to the AC500 via internet since I’m away from home. Can the update be made via the internet? I set up the AC500 system for my daughter who has access and who has been clearing and relaunching the system. I don’t know how complicated the update is so I don’t know if she would do it. Internet would be my preference. I have the APP 2.0.2. Thanks for your assistance.