AC300 Randomly Shuts "AC Output" Off - No Errors

Recently, the AC300 that I have owned for nearly a year is randomly shutting the AC Output off. This is happening without any errors being generated.

The head unit is connected to two B300s. The batteries are not daisy chained. They are configured as Battery 1 and Battery 3.

The “Battery Information” menu screen is cycling between wildly high and low SOCs, and the correct SOC.

The SOC will display as -664%, 275%, 980%, and 966%, and sometimes even 0%. It will briefly flash on the icons for batteries that are not connected (Battery 2 and Battery 4), and display SOC percentage for the “ghost” batteries.

Has anyone else heard off or experienced this issue?

The AC Output constantly, randomly shutting off is unacceptable. It renders this solar generator useless.

@Phie917 Did you open ECO mode? Which device did you load with AC300? Please try to restore the factory setting to check because we suspect that you may have set it wrongly.

Thank you for your reply. I don’t use ECO Mode.
I’m not sure what you mean by “which device did I load with AC500”. (Also, to clarify, I have an AC300)
Per your request, I restored to factory settings, and powered the unit off and on, and I am having the same issue.
I finally have an error message to report (see the attached photo)

I reported this issue to Amazon Bluetti Support about a month ago, and they uploaded the following firmware versions to me in an attempt to fix the issue, and I installed them.

It did not resolve the constant, random shutdown of the AC Output, and the wildly fluctuating SOCs and “ghost” batteries 2 and 4 flashing on and off.

IoT Version: 9014.10
DSP Version: 4031.14
ARM Version: 4032.09
HMI Version: 6029.06

@Phie917 Thanks for all the information above. Could you please provide me with the below information? Then our technician will reproduce the scenario and find the solution.

  1. The SN of the AC500
  2. The firmware version of all the batteries.

Also, we suggest that you can connect the battery one by one to test if the SOC is displayed normally.

Thank you for checking in. I am working with Amazon Bluetti Support via email.

I performed the one by one battery test (Battery 1 and 3), and the SOCs still jump around and continue to show activity on Battery 2 and 4 even though I don’t have batteries connected to those ports.

The support team sent me a new firmware for the batteries. I updated them, and the issue still exists.

@Phie917 Thanks for getting back to us. I’m happy that someone helps you now. If you need more helps, feel free to let me know.

Please post the answer when you figure out what’s going on. I have the AC300 and 4 B300 batteries.