AC300 max solar limit

if 2400 watt per unit is the max per AC300 unit. but i have more solar energy left … could add the other panels to the B300s dc input side have them being charge there as well at the same time.
if so what are the limits over there. thank you

The specs says 200 watts solar input. Think of the batteries on the AC300, with 2400 watts your B300 will be charged in 1 1/2 hours.

thank you ! so it would take ~6 hours if i have 4xB300
and then charging the batteries parallel on the DC side with additional 200watt would in total add around 800w to the 2400w maybe i can get the recharge down to 4-5h.

one more. Can the 200Watt DC charge directly to the batterie stay connected all the time ? meaning can the batterie be charged nonstop even when the batterie itself provides power to the Ac300 and is being discharged.

I do not have a AC300 but the specs say it has an UPS system and if it is like my EP500, I set the UPS to 20% low limit and then the solar input will charge it the rest of the way to 100%. It is been working great for six months now.

So can the main units be charged at the same time as the battery? So you get 2400W + 200 x (each b300)

I do not know, good question for Bluetti techs.

Hi @snowstorm @hey,

Thank you for asking.
Yes, the main unit can be charged at the same time as the battery. Pls kindly note the OCV of the battery when you charge them with solar panels.


Yes, you can. But the AC300 will not monitor the PV input on tbe B300, only the charge percentage.

To add to this question, Can you use the D050S (connected with panels-providing up to 500W) AND the 200W PV input AND be plugged into the AC 300 which is also charging the B300? Therefore, providing a theoretical 700W extra AND what the AC300 PV input provides. OR is there a limit on the input PV wattage into the B300.
With one battery = 2400W(AC300)+700W(D050S+PV input) = 3100W PV input?
With two batteries = 2400W + 700W + 700W = 3800W? and so on…