AC300 limits PV input during higher AC output

I have an AC300 + B300 connected to 3 410 W solar panels. On the AC output I usually power some network stuff and a NAS drawing somewhere between 160 and 200 Watts. In this configuration, the PV input goes to the full 1200 Watt input.
During the summer on sunny days I connect more loads, raising the total AC output to around 400 Watts. With this increased load, the PV input appears to be limited to max 260 Watts.

Last summer, on an older firmware, I did not notice the behavior.
Has anyone else noticed this new behavior and know if this is intended?

Current firmware versions:
DSP: 4036.07
ARM: 4037.05
HMI: 6035.05
Battery: 1021.07

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@werfra May I have the SN? There is a new DSP firmware version and you can test it.

The serial number is 2225000851999

@werfra Thank you. The firmware will be pushed in 6 hours.

I have a somehow similiar issue on my AC300 + 1x B300 system (EU version).
Asssuming two MPPT connected with PV.
While taking some more AC load the input volt of one MPPT is increasing by around 10V resulting in a drop of PV output watt. The second MPPT input/output seems to b stable.
By disabling this second MPPT from input volt the first MPPT is immediatelly going back to previous input volt resulting in higher output watt.
Any ideas? Any solution?
IOT v9014.12
ARM v4037.05
DSP v4036.07
BMS v1021.07

@FrankH Please provide me with the SN and you can update the DSP firmware to v4036.10 test. Thank you.

current obersavtion is that once AC output is somehow beyond 200-300W, the PV output is limited
If just one MPPT is working in the range of 260 W (independent which one)
If both MPPT are working each is getting ~125W.
If AC load goes below above level both MPPT produce again about 500W (which is the max solar power due to current conditions)

I hope to have that fixed with new firmware v4036.10 promised.
@bluetti_care: I sent two direct message to you. Please confirm that these ones arrive.

amendment: the relevant AC output level reg. this behavior seems to be above ~350W. Between 200 und 300W is defintelly not true in my case

@FrankH You didn’t provide me with the SN yet. Please send me a direct message again. Thank you so much.

to the community: in my case the new DSP firmware v4036.10 solved the problem

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I have similar issue as well. Recent purchased an AC300 and 3 batteries. I currently have 1200 watts of solar and when I use AC under load my PV watts drop from 900+ to 670 watts and remain capped at 670 until AC load drops.

I’m on DSP version 4031.16 as well.

@CFPower Please provide me with the SN and I will push the firmware for you to test.

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Greatly appreciated!

@CFPower Please update the firmware to DSP403125 to test.

I have the same problem.

When the load is high I have only around 500W of solar whether on one or 2 lines.

I even did the test by putting a T500 charger in PV2; it goes from 450W to 250W when I put a big load at the output (1000 W to 2000 W).

Can I have the new firmware ?

S/N: 2214000864454

DSP: 4036.07
ARM: 4037.05
HMI: 6035.04
BMS : 1021.08

Thanks in advance

@ThierryFr I will push the firmware for you in 24 hours.

Ich betreibe 2 Stück AC300 und beide zeigen das gleiche Verhalten! Normale Last sind zwischen 200 und 500 Watt alles normal. Doch wenn ich die Klimaanlagen dazu schalte, fällt die PV Ladung ab! Nach abschalten der AC Last steigt die PV Leistung wieder an.

AC300-1: Seriennummer 2244001395354 DSP: v4036,02
AC300-2: Seriennummer 2221000696002 DSP: v4036,07

@bluetti_richardkarnerbnetat Thanks for your information. The firmware will be pushed in 24 hours.

Thank you, the problem has been resolved

@ThierryFr Thanks for your update.