AC300 Fusion Box P030A

Anybody else having problems getting shipment of the AC300 fusion box?

I’ve been sitting here ready to go with 2xAC300+4xB300 for months waiting for the fusion box I ordered in November. I have the transfer switch and all ready to go, just been waiting on this darn fusion box. I have seen them available (verified in stock) by 3rd party vendors, but bluetti can’t seem to make this last needed piece for my system.

I tried an email to Bluetti sales to just get an eta on shipment to know I’m not forgotten , but like has happened to me before with support, no reply yet…

I have the same problem, got my 2xAC300 and 2xB300 but no Fusion Box. First it was supposed to come a the end of March, then April, not mid-May (according to their website). They must be coming out of Shanghai because there’s on other reason for the shipping delay. Customer service offered to cancel my order (and get a refund a presume) but I really need this part to make my system work (like yours no doubt). If you could share any third party vendors with stock that would be greatly appreciated. I think it’s time to get the fusion box wherever and cancel the order with Bluetti directly.

Interesting to hear you have the same problem. I suspect there are others because when I checked just this week on availability for the fusion box from 3rd party they seem to be out of stock. When I checked a month or so ago, before they made the latest update on expected delivery from Bluetti, I called and verified at least 1 vendor had them. At the time I decided to wait since the eta Bluetti had posted then wasn’t’t too far off. I hope they can keep to, or beat, the current eta. I know supply chains are all delayed, and I guess another thing we can blame on the pandemic.

I am looking forward to getting this final piece though… it has been a wait.

The P030A Fusion Box Pro is a completed wiring box with cables that plug into the TT-30 outlets on each AC300 and feed into four new 120 VAC 20 A outlets, two L6-30 120 VAC outlets and one L14-30 240 VAC outlet. If you need all or most of these outlets, get the Fusion Box. But if you need just the L14-30 240 VAC outlet, a professional electrician can wire up the needed TT-30 plugs, two lengths of 10/3 cable and a L14-30 outlet box to do the same thing.

The other item is the communication cable between both AC300 units, which can be purchased directly at Bluetti.

Setting the “Split Phase” mode on both AC300 units, and setting one AC300 as “Master” will do the rest.


Thanks for the advice. Yes, all I really need is the communication cable. I can do the other simple wiring myself. I guess one could try and contact BLUETTI and see if they have spare cables. They don’t offer to sell them that I’m aware of. Given there seems to be a backlog of the fusion box I doubt they would or could separate out a cable from the full package people have paid for and are waiting for. But who knows.


Dear Bluetti,

I notice today that once again you updated the expected shipping date for the fusion box to be another 2-weeks later. This seems to be the bi-weekly norm since end of February or so. Every couple of weeks the expected ship date is moved back 2-weeks.

I am imploring you to give those of us in need of the 240v split-phase mode some kind of solution asap. I ordered the fusion box in November 2021, that would be 6 months before you ship it (assuming you don’t make the regular bi-weekly update to delay another 2-weeks). I am sitting here with $10,000 worth of paper weight for months now waiting for this needed part.

When I sent email, eventually all i heard back was

" Thank you for reaching out to us and truly sorry for the late response.

Please note that the delivery time for Fusion Box Pro(P030A) is around Mid-May. Please don’t worry, we will ship it as soon as it is available.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us."

Of coarse, the mid-may date is gone as is the norm now. As pointed out above, the communication cable is the key component. Perhaps you could get those to us asap, or publish the specs so people can try to build one (although the connectors might be difficult to find) but at least we have a fighting chance then. Currently I’m dead in the water for months with no apparent hope in site.

Hope to here back from you with something real, and more then “we will ship when we can”


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Really we just need someone with a communication cable to tell us what pin goes to what pin on each side of the cable. I would assume there is no crossover in the cable wiring, but if confirmed we can make our own cables by getting the correct Weipu connector.

Does anyone know anyone who has the communication cable already? A simple toning of the cable will tell us what we need to know…

I can check the cable on my setup and trace the wiring between both ends, but the Weipu connector is difficult to find. Their webpage is available here:

Good luck!

I ordered fusion box for ac300(2) for 240v use, that was on Sept 17 2021 still nothing , will soon be 8 months of waiting. I hope we get them this month

If anyone finally gets there fusion box could you post so others waiting will know.

My Fusion Box Pro came with my original AC300 and B300 order placed Sept 23, 2021. It arrived this past March.

Thanks, I guess they skipped over some of us. Does it work on 240v without any problem, are you using a transfer switch for 240v ?

Yes, I am. The transfer switch is a 100 A unit made by General Electric. I installed it in 1995 for my Onan 5 kW gasoline powered generator due to power outages from hurricanes. As an EE I did everything from planning, buying all the materials and wire, installing, and testing. It is working with my new Firman 7 kW propane fuel generator and also works with my Fusion Box Pro. It was not easy due to my home made from reinforced conctete.

Have any of you successfully pulled 4,000-6,000 watts via the P030A with the load being properly distributed between the 2 AC300s? Instead of most of the load on one or the other and causing a shutdown?

Thanks for the information, I have transfer switch installed, but have been at a standstill until I get the fusion box.

Hi All,

I’m at a stand still as well. Hoping they ship this month as the latest update said. I have the transfer switch, and all, wired and ready to go. Currently I have a TT-30 from 1 unit going to both lines for the transfer switch so at least I can get half power on the 120V lines. no 240 until the fusion box.

Matt2022… The AC300’s are not what sets the balance on the loads. The load “presented” (or current draw) to (on) each phase of the 240 (i.e. each ac300 in split phase) is what sets the balance. If you have too much load on one phase you can alter the placement of the breakers in your panel to balance the load on each phase better. hope this helps

Ah, my ignorance at play. Well, that’s too bad. It looks like the proper solution is a bigger unit, which doesn’t exist. Ok the EP50 or whatever, but still not big enough. Out house has a breaker panel where the electric power comes in (and where the generator connection is. AND there is a 2nd breaker panel off it for the 2nd floor. So that makes this situation worse I think. So we’ll have to be careful with what we turn on per floor, which is what happened before. One floor had ~500 watts of stuff on and the other floor had ~3,000-4,000 watts of stuff, and it killed the system.

I checked the communication cable between the two AC300 units. The Weipu connector has nine pins. All signals between the two connectors are straight through: 1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc. The only pin that is open or unwired is pin 3.

I don’t know the correct Weipu type this connector uses. Probably by its diameter one can find the SP type number.

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This is good information. Thanks! I was able to find what I think is the right connector.

Might have to go that route, as once again Bluetti missed the lates ship date for the fusion box. website now says mid june. This seems to be the standard procedure, wait until the estimate passes and post a new ship date! This is getting almost absurd!

My AC300 Fusion Box arrived today! FYI, I ordered it with my 2xAC300 2xB300 combo back in January.