AC300 Fusion Box P030A


Don’t know what they are doing though… I ordered mine in November and still waiting!

The connector is a SP2110 9 pole Weipu… I just ordered two to make my own communication cable. Can anyone tell me the gauge wire inside of the communication cable?

I wouldn’t imagine there is much in the way of voltage or current. They are male connectors on each end. My concern would be data communications and if some are twisted pair.

I did get a recent response on the delivery and they said they are now “in their warehouse” and they will be shipping soon. I hope this is true.

Raymondjram already toned this cable… he said that every pin goes straight through to the other pin, same number. He said that only pin #3 isn’t connected.

I hope you’re correct about the fusion boxes being in the warehouse… I think I will reach out to them.

yes, they are straight through, but pairs may be communication that require twisted pair or something for reliability. No way to know without cutting it open i guess.

Yes, I hope the information they gave me about pending shipments soon is true

@Raymondjram - Can you unlock the back of your Weipu connector and give us a picture of the inside 8 cables of the communication cable.

Hi David,

The back was very tightly attached and it took some time to release but here are two pictures.
All of the contacts pins are wired, from 1 to 10 on this end, so just follow the same pattern. The wire seem to be 18 AWG since they only carry signals.


@Raymondjram - Thank you! Once I get my Weipu connectors in, should be 2-weeks from now, I will make the cable. To confirm you said the pin pattern you toned from one end of the cable to the other is this:

PIN 1 to PIN 1
PIN 2 to PIN 2
PIN 3 to PIN 3 [Not Connected]
PIN 4 to PIN 4
PIN 5 to PIN 5
PIN 6 to PIN 6
PIN 7 to PIN 7
PIN 8 to PIN 8
PIN 9 to PIN 9

For the general information, someone at eBay is selling a Bluetti Fusion Box Pro. Search for item #384897926421.