Ac300 control panel malfunctioning

I found my AC300 display was on when walking into the room, which was odd because I live alone and have it set to shut off after 1 minute. The display was completely messed up, rotated 90 degrees clockwise and dimmed.

After rebooting it was in the same state. I then connected with BT and ran some firmware updates. After rebooting the display resumed normal orientation. However, the AC/DC on/off buttons refuse to work. I can click them, then click on or off, but nothing happens. Only way I can turn on or off the AC or DC functions now is through BT on my phone!

There are no errors being displayed, nor in alert history. All firmware is current. Rebooting not helping.

Video of the buttons not working: Bluetti AC300 control panel malfunctioning - YouTube

Please help!

Hi @Hmmm , We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
Based on this issue, we recommend that you contact support via as soon as possible and return the product to the repair station for repairing. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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@Hmmm , I am new to the AC300. you said you did a firmware update. How do you do that? I am in need of a firmware update and don’t know how?

Thanks for the response. I emailed sales on the day I posted this thread. No response yet. Just tried support.

You need to connect to the unit with BT then click the gear icon in the upper right corner. Then click firmware. It will show if there are any updates available, but if not, just displays version numbers.

when I click on the gear, I get… WiFi settings, Sjhare Device, Working mode, Mode select, screen timem and About Device… but no Firmware… interesting.

Found the problem. I was connecting with WiFi, when I connect with blue tooth, the firmware connection was there. Thanks for your help. Firmware updated.

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Hi @BLUETTI I haven’t received any response whatsoever from multiple emails sent to sales, support, and the email address you posted. Any suggestions at to what I can do to start an RMA process or at least some troubleshooting assistance?

I provided my order number and a link to this thread on all emails… I’m getting rather concerned at this point. I own several Bluetti products, the display has always been a weak link, but never had one fail this quickly. Only been using since April!

Hi @Hmmm , Can you please tell us your email address and we will ask support to verify for you if they missed your email. Thanks for your kind cooperations.

Thanks for the reply! Support got back to me today requesting the serial number for RMA.

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Update: So, about 10 months later this unit had another display issue, this time it was completely black, but could hear audible feedback beeps from pressing randomly.

Support was much more responsive this time around although was asked to make a color print for affixing to the box for shipping which felt a bit like a runaround tactic given I was using the original box and there’s no lithium battery in the AC300. I ignored this instruction and all was well.

I think they sent a brand new unit from the first issue, this time appears to be the same unit with fixed display.

I’ve since also just received the AC60+B80 and really like it so far. The ruggedness and build quality seem superior. Bluetti keeps improving. The app is much improved over the past year as well.

Let’s hope they take all these display issues seriously for future improvements as the units can be pretty useless without this key component. Am glad the AC60 has dedicated AC/DC buttons and no touch screen.

@BLUETTI Maybe an e-ink display would help with reliability as well as allow for constant screen on without impacting power draw. Plus it’d be easily visible in sunlight, only the backlight would consume much power which could auto shutoff like the LCD does. I’d rather have more functionality and increased reliability than animated or color graphics.

I’ll continue supporting Bluetti in the future, they seem to have the best balance between price and features with leading battery tech and warranty support.

Hi, I had the same problem last month (display black but working), discovered by accident because I practically only use the app to control the AC300.
I solved it by turning everything off, and on again after about ten seconds, hope it continues to work…

Update. Well, that didn’t last long. Replacement is already dead. Display not functional, not even registering touch this time, just infuriating dead stare from a black abyss. This is the third time in less than two years. Not even two months since last occurrence. I don’t live in a high humidity area, the unit is inside my house just sitting, powering my kitchen appliances 24/7. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE @BLUETTI It’s not fun shipping this heavy box every few months.

@Hmmm I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I have sent you a message, please check.

My AC300 just started acting up recently.
The control panel display was pulsating…bright, dim, bright, dim…and would not respond to any touch.
I shut down the system and brought it back online. The display is no longer pulsating, and responds to touch to navigate the menus, but nothing can be changed…like settings to turn On/Off AC or DC. I am having to use the phone App to change anything.
Is see above, a similar issue had to go back in for repair. Can this be fixed via Firmware? Also, the firmware was updated a few weeks ago…did this happen because of the updates?

@DrewLoker May I have the SN and the firmware version then I can check if there is a firmware for you?

AC3002228000268656 serial number



Current Version:


Current Version:


Current Version:




@DrewLoker Thanks for your information. I will push a firmware for you in 24 hours.

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New firmware worked! The control panel now works! Thanks!


@DrewLoker Thanks for your update.