AC300 & B300 Shipment Update

Thank you. Would it help if I sent my order number to you secure and direct?

Thank you for quick reply.


@DRS Yes, please provide your order number.

I’m so excited that it’s hard to wait, but I understand the situation, thanks!

At first my 200Max was to be delivered in Late October. Then, it was early November. Then it changed delivery again to mid-November. Now it is Mid December. Is my 200Max actually in a warehouse in the U.S., or on a ship outside of Los Angeles waiting to dock?

I’m getting the same. Told my b230 order I placed in September w/ expected delivery in October was actually a pre-sale order. I’m still trying to verifycthat cause I don’t believe I would have ordered it pre-sale. Today if I ordered b230 is is definitely not pre-sale so wondering if bluetti honoring earlier orders (even if they say it was ‘pre-sale’) before recent orders.

@roxie60 @Pistulka99 Sorry for the inconvenience. We see your concerns and unhappiness. We are trying our best to let you get your orders asap. We’re sorry that there are still some factors out of control. Thanks again for waiting.

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Just received email notification from Bluetti that my B230 is/has shipped. Very happy the expansion battery for my AC200P will be here soon.

Now hoping the b230 connection cable is being shipped as well. I’m grateful Bluetti offered these connector cables to existing AC200P customers but don’t know what to expect, will the b230 connection cable for my AC200P be in the box with the b230 or is it being shipped separately?

Any other AC200P owners that ordered b230 and requested the connector cable, did you receive them both and if so how were they shipped (together or separately)? Thanks


@roxie60 congrats! I just got my shipment confirmation for my b230 as well so I def feel your excitement!! Haha

I too plan on using the b230 with my OG AC200 and I reached out to bluetti via email and they said the P090D to XT90 cable should be shipped by the end of this week. So we’ll probably receive the b230 a few days before the adapter.

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Thank you so much for sharing @m.briney . I appreciate you reaching out to Bluetti (should save them getting some emails from AC200 customers getting expansion batteries lol).

I will just gaze lovingly at the b230 and consider its potential until the connector cable arrives (just kidding). But I am looking forward to the additional storage and grateful to @BLUETTI for thinking of their existing AC200 customers and offering an expansion path.

Now I just need another bluetti sale so I can order the MAX+1 :wink:

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@roxie60 @m.briney Glad to hear that. Thank you for your support. The external battery connection cable and the B230/B300 are shipped separately. And @roxie60 if you want to order the AC200MAX, please stay tuned to Black Friday :wink:


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Got my B300 yesterday! (Ordered 9-15) Still awaiting the AC300, even though it “shipped” over a week ago but is still sitting at “shipper waiting for package”. It sounded like the AC300’s were gonna arrive first - so, happy with how things worked out cuz I can at least use the B300 by itself!

Anyone else receive either a B300 or AC300 yet?

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Wow, great :clap:. What I prefer the external battery modules is that we can use them without any unit. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Some customers share their B300 with us. :wink:

I hope Bluetti can report order numbers in groups per shipments so each buyer can expect when their orders will arrive.

Thank you for your suggestion! We will do it next time.

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Happy to report that my AC300 just arrived! Got it all hooked up and all is working great so far!

Interesting to note that I originally got a shipment notification from UPS, but it arrived via Fedex.


I just had that happen to me today, with a couple of solar panels I bought through Amazon. The order says it will ship UPS, but they arrived today by FedEx. The Amazon orders page still shows UPS shipping arriving between November 18-24, but the UPS tracking number shows up in the UPS tracking page as invalid. Frankly, I was shocked FedEx sent two rigid solar panels and both were in good condition upon inspection. I’ve had horrid experiences with FedEx here.


Question: I received my 230 (thank you) battery pack. It came with the cable for the 200Max. I have a AC200P. Did I order this incorrectly? On the web site, is see a possible combination of cables I might be able to connect to make this work. Is there a specified cable to go from the 230 battery to the AC200P? Thank you.

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They are different. AC200MAX to B230/B300: Battery Expansion Cable(P090A)
AC200/P to B230/B300: P090D To XT90 external battery connection cable

Please contact with our customer service for the change.

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Received my b230 yesterday. It came well packaged as typical w/ past purchases. It was heavier than I expected but the handle/grip design makes it ‘easier’ to move around. This newer design is one of the reasons I chose bluetti devices. It is to hard to carry the lunch pale single handle designs, especially with larger sogens. It came w/ SoC of 60%. For some reason I thought it was coming with a T500 adapter (I’m sure when I ordered I probably knew this but it took over couple months to receive the b230 so I was surprised). So I checked the adapter input max and determined I could use the AC200 AC adapter to get full charge. It appears externally to be quality made. I’m grateful to bluetti for remembering its existing customers and offering an expansion battery. I’m also pleased its not just a battery, I can recharge/ power some devices. The b300 would have been too heavy for me to manage so thank you for this smaller option.

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