AC300 & B300 Shipment Update

AC300 & B300 Shipment Update

The following order number will start shipping this week:
AC300 Order Number between “BLUETTI-US5320” to "BLUETTI-US6100"
B300 Order Number between “BLUETTI-US5320” to "BLUETTI-US5729"
***The rest orders placed before Nov 1st: ***Will arrive in CA warehouse around mid-November and shipped within two weeks.


Thanks for the info.

Do you have any shipping updates for those who ordered B230s?

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@roxie60 Hi there,

Yes. B230 order between "BLUETTI-US4078 " to “BLUETTI-US4390” has been delivered. And the rest orders will be delivered at the end of October.


Ok. I’m guessing we, B230 buyers, should be getting our fullfilled/ship notices very soon. Looking forward to my new ac200p expansion battery. Hoping the connection cable comes the same time. Thanks.

Hoping I get ship notice in time to take part in the next sale

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@roxie60 Don’t forget to share with us, when you get them!


Received my D050S this week :+1: still in box until B230 arrives.

Any AC200P users get their expansion battery connection cable yet? Anyone know how the connector cable is coming? Will it b packaged w/ our B230 batteries (which would be ideal) or separate package?

Everyone have a great day.

Yes, some users have gotten their expansion battery connection cables and they work well. The cable and B230 battery are shipped separately.

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Thank you for the info and reply.

if we got a bundle of an AC300 & 2 B300 batteries, will those be shipped this week, or just the AC300, and the batteries come later?

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I ordered an AC200MAX and DC Charging Enhanncer(D050S). Have not received either one.

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Hi avlena, thank you for asking. Yes, order number between “BLUETTI-US5320” to “BLUETTI-US6100” will be shipped in this week. And you will get AC300 and B300 in different time.

Thank you for waiting. If you want to know the shipping time, please provide your order number.

Bluetti-US6284 is my order from 09/16.

Please let me know when I can expect them.

Order numbers US6891 and US6939

Don Pistulka

John 14:6

Hi Roxie,

Your B230 will be shipped in late November or in the early December. Please wait with patience.

Hi Don,

Thank for purchasing from us. Your orders will be shipped in December. The actual time may vary.

:frowning: but we can’t really do anything with the AC300 unless we have a B300 battery right? since the AC300 doesn’t have a built-in battery?

I’m waiting on:
Order BLUETTI-US5899 - BLUETTI AC300+2*B300 Combo × 1 &

So it sounds like I’ll be getting the AC300 shipped this week, and then the batteries (and thus our ability to use the AC300) will ship in about a month if I’m reading everything correctly?

Hi Avlena,

There is no built-in battery in AC300. Would you mind waiting with patience? We will ship your orders according to the schedule if no emergency. We usually don’t ship the unit and the battery together because the package will be too heavy. It is possible to hurt one of them, even both, so we send them to you separately. Thank you for understanding.

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My order is just past 5900 for B230. Since this is end of October, and have not seen a shipping confirmation, has it gone out? Have not seen the connector cable to the AC200P either.

@DRS Hi there,

Sorry for the convenience. We will check it for you and give you a feedback on Monday. Thank you for waiting.