AC200P won't run my coffee maker

Any ideas?

This is my first day with my new AC200P. I have a Nespresso coffee maker that pulls 1255 watts. When plugged into the AC200P, the pump does not run to build up pressure in the coffee maker.

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Any details of the issue that would be needed to assist? Is the AC200 charged? Did you turn the AC200 On? If the AC200 is on, did you turn the AC power on? If the unit was charged, Unit turned on, AC output turned on and Coffee maker plugged in and turned on, What power used was shown on the display while you were trying to run the coffee maker?

Also…Do you by chance have 50 hz power selected instead of 60 hz assuming you are in the US?

Need as much detail as possible to give some help. Your question is kind of like asking. My Honda Civic wont go 88 mph. Any ideas?


Model of coffee maker:

Nespresso Mini

Plugged into wall/generator:

  • Water heats
  • Push button to brew and pump activates and completes brewing cycle

Plugged into Bluetti:

  • Water heats
  • Push button to brew and pump does one pump then shuts down

Friend has same coffee maker and uses Goal Zero 1500 without problems

I don’t think the pump could exceed a 4000 watt surge

AC200 was charged to 70%. It was turned on and AC output was also turned on.

I’m in the US and the settings are set to 60 hz. I’ve been using the AC200 for my laptop and monitor without problems.

I will see if I can get the AC200 and coffee maker closer together so I can read the output wattage when I hit the brew button.

That would be great to know the wattage displayed. If the AC200 went into overload, it would have stated so. The AC200 will output 2500 watts for 5 minutes so something is not right.

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It jumps around quite a bit. I made a video of the process. Not sure if I can upload that here.

It starts at around 1163, down to 865, peaks at 1201, sometimes at zero.

The pump does run, but it is slow and only puts out about 20% of the coffee or water that it should.

Triple check that your display shows 60 hz is still selected. Just for fun

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It is at 60hz. :slight_smile:

I have tried several devices in my RV and this is the only one that is giving me problems. Coffee is very important.

Coffee is not that important. Diet Coke on the other hand is…


Sounds like it is time for a poll lol, not to derail the thread just for fun…

Important AM beverage
  • Coffee
  • Coke
  • Pepsi
  • Tea
  • Other

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See, coffee is not that important. :smiley:

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Just out of curiosity, does your coffee maker work when plugged into your RV and the RV is connected to shore power?

Absolutely. It also works when I’m plugged into my 2k watt generator.

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Very strange. I have been able to run everything up to 2500 watts on mine. I have an electric hair trimmer that will not run on my Xantrex Pure Sine wave wall mount inverter at my home but it will work with all other inverters I have. Low and high end. The only thing I can think at this point is the pump is not compatible with the AC wave format that is being output but the unit. Inverter capacity does not seem to be the issue. I have run everything from sensitive electronics to electric motors without issue. I was asking about the coffee maker running while plugged into shore power to see if possibly having a grounded outlet was the difference but if your small portable generator runs the coffee maker fine it would be ungrounded as well.

Got any buddies with an AC200 that you could try (yeah I know that is a long shot) your coffee maker with to rule out a one off situation? Anyone else out there have a Nespresso coffee maker that you use with your AC200 and if so what has been your experience?

If all else fails and coffee is very important, maybe you would be open to the idea of a different coffee machine? A lot cheaper than an AC200P and the 200P does so much more than power coffee machines.


Lol lol. Enjoy it while u can lol

Strange indeed. You raise an interesting dilemma. What is more important? My coffee machine or my AC200P? :rofl:

Thanks for your help! I do have a friend with the same coffee machine, and I might be seeing her soon in Tucson. Even if I do replace my current nectar-of-the-gods machine, it would be interesting to test her machine.


Great idea on testing her machine on your AC200P. At least that would rule out an anomaly on the coffee maker end

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@Bruce There is a German guy that made a couple videos with his AC200P and a Delonghi/Nespresso machine and it worked fine. I used mine to run my Breville grind/brew with thermal carafe. I assume it takes about the same wattage to run. Did you see any faults listed?

Here’s one video. I have it cued to the Nespresso machine.

A possibility could be that the load of the Nespresso pump has a power factor that the inverter on the AC200P does not like. If you have a meter like the Kill A Watt to go between the Nespresso and the AC200P, it will tell you the power factor. When the VA and watts don’t match on the Kill A Watt meter it means the power factor is less than 1. This happens when the load is either has a high capacitance or high inductance(like the coils of a motor, or a pump because pumps have a motor). The volts and amps get out of phase with a highly inductive or capacitive load. When I ran my washer it had a power factor of .54 and Volt Amps (VA on Kill A Watt) were higher than watts on the Kill A Watt. The AC200 AC output watts matched the VA on the Kill A Watt in my case but the inverter handled it okay. If you have a Kill A Watt or an equivalent, try plugging the Nespresso into it and then into normal AC power to see if the power factor is way lower than 1. I realize that this won’t solve the problem but it may offer some insights into this scenario that does not make sense since it certainly is not over a 2000 watt load.

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