AC200P won't run my coffee maker

Thanks for the link to the video. That’s a different model Nespresso than mine. But very similar.

Interesting. I don’t have a meter like the Kill a Watt, but your explanation sounds plausible.

I thought of something to try. Try plugging in the AC power brick to get extra amps to pass thru to the inverter since this unit can pass the charging power thru to the load. If my power factor idea is actually the problem, the current and voltage are not working together to get the most out of the inverter because they are out of phase and the battery possibly may not have enough current available to handle the load in this case. I know that doesn’t help in the scenario that you want to use it without AC available but if it were mine I would try that. Also, make sure that the AC200P is not powering or charging anything else when you try this Pass thru does not harm the unit. They designed it to do that. Thinking about coffee now. Gotta get a cup… :smile:

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Thank you to everyone on this thread. You’ve all been a great help. I tried out a different model Nespresso machine, and it worked perfectly. So I now have coffee and portable power. I am a happy camper.


Great news. Enjoy your coffee.


You scared me so I ran and tested my espresso machine and it worked perfectly on my AC200P.
It’s a Jura Impressa F9… peaked around 1500W but jumps all over from 0 - 1500 depending on if the heat block is heating up, or the pump is running. The grinder takes very little power.


I was scared too until I just realized…I don’t drink coffee. Then I pulled a 32.1 degree cold Diet Coke from my Dometic portable fridge connected to my AC200 and said…“all is right with the world”


Scott and Bruce. I just ran across this thread about the Nespresso Coffee machine. I just now plugged in our Nespresso Latissima Pro. I didn’t use the milk froth function but brewed a cup longo cup. My AC200 (not the P model) was at 100% charge when starting and then I brewed the cup. It was drawing 1300w max, made the coffee just as if it were plugged into the wall. I then unplugged the coffee machine. The battery level only dropped 2%, from 100% to 98%. Not figuring in the reserve power the battery will keep, I figured roughly that I could brew about 40-50 cups of coffee. I don’t have any ideas why your Nespresso machine won’t brew you a cup of java. Cheers friends


Just for more info. 12 cup Capresso percolator. Started at 100% charge. Brewed coffee at 912 watts and finished @ 89% Charge. Capresso stepped down to 47watts to keep coffee warm. Will more than cover my 2 pots of coffee habit.


See, life is good again. Now you can concentrate on quitting that nasty coffee habit and start drinking healthy and wholesome Diet Coke instead :grin:


Exx-ately! Nothing like a good dose of artificial sweetener in the morning. Its to cold in Iowa to be drinking cold beverages in the morning. Ha Ha


Scott I try to stick to eating real foods, like coffee that comes out of aluminum pods. :smile:

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Hey Bruce, we have been using an old percolator coffee maker on the stove. Little more work but great coffee.

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Wow no bluetti Pepsi lovers

I don’t drink sodas anymore, but for me it was Pepsi (among others), but never, EVER Coke.

No Coke, Pepsi. Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi. :rofl:

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Chips, no fries, chips no fries :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: