AC200P Watts Low Charging with Solar Panels

When I received my AC200P I topped off the change to 100% with AC. I then discharged it to 96% testing out the various outputs.

I then hooked it up to 3 SP200s in series to charge verify that the solar charge was working. I tested each panel for volts and was getting around 24V each. In series I was getting 70V. When I hooked up to the AC200P, the charge started and showed 71V but quickly dropped to around 40V. Also, the Watts ran around 210 - 220. I would have expected more.

Is this because the unit is close to fully charged and starts to pull less energy? If so, at what discharge level might I see the full use of the watts available from the panels?

I want to test to make sure all is good.


yes it will slow down charging about 90% to 100%
recommend you run your ac200p down to less than 20% .Then recharge with ac to say 70% then pv charge the remaining with good sun and see what it can charge it up from Pv the whole way too.It does it on my 2 bluettis the same way -ac200p/eb55.the last 5% will drop to 0% then shut off.pv

The 3 SP200’s should give you about 400-450 watts in good conditions. My 200 watt fixed panel Renogy’s do 15-20 watts better per panel. I suspect that’s because the Renogys run cooler as the SP200’s back is covered in black material and the Renogys back is open air.

I will give that a try this week. We are suppose to have good sun all week.


400 - 450 was what I was expecting today as the sun was really good. I will see if running the generator down most of the way first allows more watts to be pulled. Thanks!

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So I ran the unit down to 19% and hooked everything up. I am getting about 58V and between 385 and 395 Watts with three SP200s. 66% efficiency? Is this good in August in southern PA at 1:00PM? Full Sun?

Will see how long it takes to charge.

See my test of the SP200’s here: Bluetti SP200 portable panel vs Renogy 200 watt fixed panel
I was getting around 140 watts per panel so yours are in the ballpark. Mine were perfectly aimed both azimuth and elevation, not sure if that makes much difference.

That is exactly what I received with 4 Sp200 connected in series in perfect conditions 140w per panel, for a total of 560w. I was connected to a ac200p. When I tried just 1 connected to a EB70, I received a total of 155w. I believe you reduce the wattage with the more wiring and I did use a 30 ft mc4 extention wire for the 4.