AC200P power brick fan never turns off

Just got my AC200P a week ago and all is well except for the constant loud drone of the power brick cooling fan. It appears to be running at a fairly high speed and never shuts off or slows down even when it isn’t charging (green light). It will run the same speed whether connected to the AC200P or disconnected. The only way to shut it up is to disconnect it from the wall AC.

It looks like a newer model than the ones I see in most of the YouTube videos. Anyone with the newer power brick have the same issue? Mine is model # T500-588A800-00.

The one thing I do like about it is that it supplies 450 watts to the AC200P.

Here is mine. Supplies about 380 watts, mine just arrived yesterday. It does not have a fan.

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Looks like mine has a date of 02/21 and different manufacture.

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Send me yours, I will trade you :grinning:

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This looks to be the new T500 that was designed as the supplemental external power supply for the new EP500 series. I guess they are standardizing the power supplies so that it works on both the ACs and EPs? Whether or not the fan always being on is normal or if the factory packed the wrong one, I can’t say.

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Thanks for the info, if mine is typical they will get lots of complaints about the noise. Mine is in the garage so it doesn’t bother me when charging up the AC200P but if I were in the same room, van or RV it would drive me nuts listening to it for 5 hours. :slightly_smiling_face:

My non fan power brick gets so warm that I would not be comfortable leaving it on any surface without thought of the surface and its ability to get damaged by heat. I know the fan is annoying but if it keeps the unit cool, it may be an advantage. You can purchase several types of metal cased aftermarket chargers that would work after changing out the conning end that may or may not run cooler and quieter.

True, it does stay cool but blowing at full speed when the unit isn’t charging doesn’t make any sense. You would think there would be some sort of internal logic to turn the fan off when its done charging, like when the green light is on the fan should turn off.

Makes me wonder which one would be shipped if you ordered what is currently still listed as the 400w AC200 brick, on Bluetti’s website. AC200 Adapter(400W) + XT90 Cable – Bluetti

I ordered one earlier today thinking the same thing. Even if its another one with a blower I’ll only have to run it 1/2 as long.

It took 19 days from order to delivery but I finally received the new 400 watt charger and am happy to report its the older model without the loud fan that never shuts off. It charges at 380 watts but that’s fine as I’m usually not in a hurry to get the AC200P charged up but if I need to (house running on generator) I’ll hook up the noisy one to the PV port for an additional 440 watts to cut the charge time in half.

Over all very happy with the AC200P and accessories, will probably buy the EP500pro if it lives up to the specs.

:ok_hand: Good to know which product ships.

It sounds (literally) like Bluetti is currently going with always on fan bricks. The new EB70 comes with a T200 200 watt brick that is always on, as well.

Yeah that’s unfortunate, it was high on my list of small portables (500-700w) that I might buy.

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I don’t think it’s that big a deal. The EB70 is a great unit. The brick fan isn’t that noisy and at most it’s only on for 4 hours. It’s just some background noise. If you’re charging with solar, it’s not an issue at all. And the upshot is that the brick will most likely last longer!

Hello Eric, Just received mine yesterday 06/02 and your right it is loud and fan is constant. I do like the 455 watt charge rate though.

Kind of makes a guy wonder what the max watts is for the incoming AC power brick input… :thinking:

I use the the optional 400 watt charger most of the time because its silent but if I need a fast charge I’ll add the 500 watt to the PV input to half the charge time.

That is a great idea. I am still testing mine since just yesterday. I already found a problem where when charging it stopped at 99%, and it would’nt go to 100% till I pulled the plug and then the light turned green. I wonder if anyone else had this problem? I am now trying to discharge it to 0% using a portable air cond. After that I will try again to get it to 100% on its own. If it gets stuck at 99% again, I will call Blueitti customer service.

The owners manual specs say 500 watts max AC charging power.