AC200P accessories

I can’t find an aviation plug to XT60 output cable anywhere for my AC200P. The website seems to be indefinitely out of this cable and can’t find anything on aftermarket. This DC output is rated at 25 amps and only other option is to use the cigarette lighter output but it’s only rated at 10 amps. My goal was to use the 25 amp aviation plug output to wire a bus bar for various DC appliances in a truck camper build out. Any suggestions for other options , ideas ?

You can search this community page and see many setups different people have done but here’s a good link that will show you which plug is which. Polarity is important! Don’t ask me how I know… :man_facepalming: Haha

Here’s a link to purchase the WEIPU SA20 aviation plug.



NOTE: you will need the male “plug” if your gonna be making your own cable like many of us on here have. Believe the eBay link let’s you specify for cheaper price.

Cheers!! :metal: